Air Conditioning Heat Pump Reversing Valve (Ranco, Rheem, Ruud)

Air Conditioning Heat Pump Reversing Valve (Ranco, Rheem, Ruud)
Code: RVV611944601
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Coil Not Included With Valve

Optional Coils Listed Below

Reversing Valve Solenoid Operated R22, R502 Refrigerant

Designed for unitary split systems and heat pump package units.
Instantaneous reversing.
Brass body construction with copper tubes
Operates on pressure differential high and low sides of refrigerant systems.

The way the reversing valve works is the solenoid valve opens pressure ports to operate a nylon slider in the cylinder.
This sleeve can jam or bind half way (called "wind milling") and will over heat the compressor in a few minutes.
Once this happens there is little chance that the valve will work again. If the valve is over heated when being installed it will be worthless.
If the system is very contaminated after a Burn Out it may stop the valve form working but there is the possibility of getting it to work again after several cycles.
It is possible for the valve to stick in the cooling mode but it is more likely to stick in the heat mode.


R 22 Capacity 0.75 to 2.0 Tons,
R 502 Capacity 0.75 to 1.6 Tons
4 Way, Coil Operated, Slide Type
Solenoid Included: NO

Reversing Valve Coils Optional per voltage:

Replaces Part Numbers:
RVV622288091 62-22880-91 622288091 61-22880-91 612288091 61-101684-91 612288181 611944601 612064903 612288001 612288071 612288101 611858001 5651237 612288081 B476562 56515571 RMV212 B476561 5651235 56515599 612064983 61-22881-81 61-19446-01 61-20649-03 61-22880-01 61-22880-71 61-22881-01 61-18580-01 5651-237 61-22880-81 B-47656-2 5651-5571 RMV-212 B-47656-1 5651-235 5651-5599 61-20649-83 V26-141-40 V2614140 81426623 61-22880-91 612288091 3318-3751 33183751 V26-172 V26172 RMV-212 RMV212 B1412701 B14127-01 025-25925-000 02525925000 VAL-3455 VAL3455 VAL03455 1456-9181 14569181 24354500 611944601 61-101684-91 025-38944-000 CAR6110168491 CARV2614140 CAR02538944000

Used in Equipment Models:
RPCB018JAS RPCB-018JAS WPCB018JAS WPCB-018JAS UPCB018JAS UPCB-018JAS ARHF18U01D P1101001C ARHF24U01B P9917914C ARHF24U01C P9917923C ARHF24U01CC P9917926C ARHF24U01D P1101002C ARHF30U01B P9917915C ARHF30U01C P9917924C ARHF30U01CC P9917927C ARHF30U01D P1101003C PHA24B0002A P1153801C PHA30B0002A P1153802C SPHO24001A P9999201C SPHO30001A P9999202C SRHF18U01A P1100801C SRHF18U01B P1163801C SRHF24U01A P1100802C SRHF24U01B P1163802C SRHF30U01A P1100803C SRHF30U01B P1163803C ZRHF24U01A P1155501C ZRHF24U01B P1155507C ZRHF30U01A P1155502C ZRHF30U01B P1155508C ARHF24U01B ARHF24UO1B P9917914C E2CS024A06A RPBC-024JAS RPCB-013JAS RPCB-018JAS RPCB-024JAS RPBC024JAS RPCB013JAS RPCB018JAS RPCB024JAS UPBC-024JAS UPCB-013JAS UPCB-018JAS UPCB-024JAS UPBC024JAS UPCB013JAS UPCB018JAS UPCB024JAS RPGA-018AAQ UPGA-018AAQ RPGA018AAQ UPGA018AAQ UPGA-018AAQ -PGA-018AAQ PGA018AAQ