7 Day Programmable with up to 4 Time Periods per day. (Auto Change over from Heating to Cooling)

7 Day Programmable with up to 4 Time Periods per day. (Auto Change over from Heating to Cooling)
Code: P374-2300
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Auto Changeover, 2-Stage Heat/Cool for use with gas/electrics or heat pumps systems, electric & hydronic heat.
Dual-Setpoint with adjustable deadband, setpoint adjustment range from 35° to 99° F, switchable to °C.
7 Day Programmable with up to 4 Time Periods per day, with copy command for easy programming Holiday programming (up to 99 days per year).
3 Security Levels with setpoint limiting.
4 Hour Setback Override Timer adjustable in 30 min. increments.

Clock retained for 48 Hour during power failure. Program is neverlost.

Soft Start - up to 100 units can be started in sequence from a single remote contact closure with no two units starting up simultaneously - up to 50% of the units
can be programmed to start outside a 15 minute window for limiting demand.
Pre-Occupancy Purge - fan runs before programmed occupancy time, adjustable 0 to 3 hours.
Energy Saving Smart Fan - With the fan on continuously, fan runs only in occupied periods or when the system calls for heating or cooling in unoccupied periods.
Thermostat Locking - Set points can only be adjusted by authorized individuals if this feature is turned on.
Thermoglow Continuously Lit Electro-luminous Display.
Display shows both heating and cooling setpoints and room temperature simultaneously.
Maintains temperature to within 1° of setpoint.
No batteries required, stat retains correct time for up to 48 hours in case of power failure.
All programming and setpoints stored in non-volatile memory, and are never lost in power failure. Service filter indicator (adjustable 200 to 1950 hours).
Backplate available for replacement applications.
Red/Green LED shows whether thermostat is calling for Heating or Cooling.
5 minute compressor time guard and adjustable cycle limit, both overrideable for servicing equipment.
On board dry contact closure available to force stat into occupied operation.
Optional tamper-proof remote room sensor with push-button override.


Replaces Part Numbers:Debonair 250, P3742300.