**Obsolete** Carrier, Totaline Wireless Remote Room Sensor.

**Obsolete** Carrier, Totaline Wireless Remote Room Sensor.
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Carrier, Totaline P474-0401RF or 33CSRFS-RC Wireless Remote Sensor with Button Transmitter.

Requires P474-0401REC Receiver for operation.
Wireless Remote Room Sensor. Sensors add enormous versatility to any Heating and Air Conditioning Thermostat System. Sensors allow duct, outdoor air temperature, and remote monitoring while zoning can eliminate overcooled or overheated areas.
The Wireless Remote Sensor is made up of one Receiver and at least one Wireless Sensor.( Sold Seperatly) Up to 8 Wireless Sensors may be used with 1 Receiver. ( Unit ID #0-7) The Receiver automatically averages all the Temperature it receives from any and all Wireless Sensors, up to 8 on the same House Code as the receiver, and reports the average to the thermostat. The Receiver will only listen to the Wireless Sensors with the same House Code as the Receiver, and will ignore Sensors with different House Codes than the Receiver.

The Wireless Sensor can Transmit the Temperature in one of Four Selectable Time Intervals.
* EVERY 5 SECONDS: This setting is used for Setup or Diagnostic purposes only. The batteries have the shortest useful life at this setting.
* EVERY 2 MINUTES: This setting is used for indoor Remote Sensor applications where fast response is needed. Such as; Remote Duct or Room Sensor applications.
* EVERY 5 MINUTES: This Setting is also used for indoor Remote Sensor applications under normal circumstances. Battery life expectancy is approximately 3 years at this setting.
* EVERY 10 MINUTES: This setting is used for Outdoor Temperature reading for use with Residential Thermostats. Battery life expectancy is at its longest with this setting.

33CSRFS-RC (Carrier brand) Addition Thermostat Wireless Remote Receiver Sold Seperatly Order Part Number:P474-0401RECA.

Used with Carrier, Bryant, Totaline Thermostat Models: P374-1000FM

Provides remote temperature sensing up to 500 feet away from thermostat
Average up to 16 sensors on one thermostat
Uses AA Lithium batteries – batteries last up to 5 years
Override button.

Replaces Part Numbers:P474-0401-RF-1, CARP4740401RF1