Carrier, Totaline Remote Temperature Sensor with Overide Button.

Carrier, Totaline Remote Temperature Sensor with Overide Button.
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Three wire digital temperature sensor designed for use with Carrier Debonair commercial thermostats


18 to 20 ga., thin wire or unshielded cable Maximum distance between sensor and thermostat
18 ga. wire — 300 ft
20 ga. wire — 500 ft
Operating temperature/relative humidity –67 to 257 F (–55 to 125 C) 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Storage temperature –67 to 257 F (–55 to 125 C)

Replaces Part Numbers: 33CS250-01, 33CS071-01, 33CSSEN-WB, 33CSSENWB .

Used with Thermostat Models:33CS071-01, 33CS250-01, 33CS250-FS, 33CS250-FS, P374-2300

This sensor also features an override button, which puts the thermostat into an occupied mode.
The override button can be used to provide afterhours heating or cooling as needed.

The sensor will sense room temperature where it is installed. When the thermostat is connected to the remote sensor the degree symbol will blink.


Step 1—Sensor Location — The sensor should be mounted:
• approximately 5 feet from the floor
• close to or in a frequently used room, preferably on an inside partitioning wall
• on a section of wall without pipes or ductwork
• where temperature operating limits are within 41 to 104 F (5 to 40 C)
• where humidity operating range is within 0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
The sensor should NOT be mounted:
• close to a window, on an outside wall, or next to a door leading to the outside
• where exposed to direct light and heat from a lamp, the sun, a fireplace, or any other temperature-radiating object which may cause a false reading
• close to or in direct airflow from supply registers or return air grilles
• in areas with poor air circulation (such as behind a door or in an alcove)Step 2—Wiring Requirements — The remote temperature sensor wiring has the following requirements:
1. All system wiring must be in compliance with all applicable local and national codes.
2. All sensor wiring should be color coded for ease of maintenance and service.
Three wires are required.
3. All wiring should be 18- or 20-gage, unshielded wire.
The maximum distance between the sensor to the thermostat
for 18-gage wire is 300 feet. The maximum distance between the sensor to the thermostat for 22-gage wire is 500 feet.
Step 3—Install Sensor— Perform the following procedure procedure to install the sensor: