Smart Gas Valve 3 Plastic Plug-in OEM Direct Factory Replacement Part (Honeywell, ICP Equipment Mode

Smart Gas Valve 3 Plastic Plug-in OEM Direct Factory Replacement Part (Honeywell, ICP Equipment Mode
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OEM Smart Gas Valve Direct Factory Replacement Part


SmartValveā„¢ System Controls:

Combine gas flow control and electronic intermittent pilot sequencing functions into a single unit. The low voltage igniter, flame sensor and pilot burner are supplied by the Q3450 or Q3480 Pilot Hardware. Provides all gas ignition safety functions by controlling gas flow, ignition source, and a 120 Vac or 240 Vac combustion air blower. The control also monitors the appliance airflow proving switch and limit string to assure proper appliance operation. Provides prepurge, postpurge, timed trial for pilot igniton, with 100 percent shutoff and continuous retry. Diagnostic LED indicates system status.

This control communicates directly with the ST9160 Electronic Fan Timer (EFT) in typical forced warm air furnace applications. It also interfaces with the 208907 Terminal Board, providing compatibility with power stealing thermostats. Or, it directly interfaces with the appropriate power supplies and a system thermostat for additional appliance applications. When controlled directly by a thermostat, the control does not provide a postpurge function, as power to the control is removed when the thermostat call for heat ends.

Gas Pipe Inlet Size: 1/2"
Gas Pipe Outlet Size: 1/2"
In some older model units you may need reducing bushings (2) 1/2" to 3/4" Bell Reducers

Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

SV9640M4124 J28R04980-003 0538D5C12 06305222 1013350 SV9541Q2561 HQ1013350HW CAR1013350 CARSV9541Q2561.

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Synder General, Intercity Products

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

C8NL050B12A1 C8NL075B12A1 C8NL100F14A1 C8NL100L20A1 C8NL125L20A1 C8MPL050B12A1 C8MPL075B12A1 C8MPL075F12A1 C8MPL075F16A1 C8MPL100F20A1 C8MPL100J20A1 C8MPL125J20A1 N9MP2075B12A2 NTGM075EGA C8DNL050B12A1 C8DNL075B12A1 C8DNL075F16A1 C8DNL100F14A1 C8DNL100L20A1 C8DNL125L20A1 C8MPL050B12A1 C8MPL075B12A1 C8MPL075F16A1 C8MPL100F20A1 C8MPL100J20A1 C8MPL125J20A1 C8MPN050B12A1 C8MPN075B12A1 C8MPN075F16A1 C8MPN100F14A1 C8MPN100F20A1 C8MPN100J20A1 C8MPN125J20A1 C8MPN150J20A1 C9MPD050F12A1 C9MPD050F12A2 C9MPD050F12A3 C9MPD050F12B1 C9MPD075F12A1 C9MPD075F12A2 C9MPD075F12A3 C9MPD075F12B1 C9MPD080J16A2 C9MPD080J16A3 C9MPD080J16B1 C9MPD100J14A1 C9MPD100J14A2 C9MPD100J14A3 C9MPD100J14B1 C9MPD100J20A1 C9MPD100J20A2 C9MPD100J20A3 C9MPD100J20B1 C9MPD125L20A1 C9MPD125L20A2 C9MPD125L20A3 C9MPD125L20B1 H8DNL050B12A1 H8DNL075B12A1 H8DNL075F16A1 H8DNL100F14A1 H8DNL100L20A1 H8DNL125L20A1 H8MPL050B12A1 H8MPL075B12A1 H8MPL075F16A1 H8MPL100F20A1 H8MPL100J20A1 H8MPL125J20A1 H8MPN050B12A1 H8MPN075B12A1 H8MPN075F16A1 H8MPN100F14A1 H8MPN100F20A1 H8MPN100J20A1 H8MPN125J20A1 H8MPN150J20A1 H8UH5050B12A1 H8UH5075B12A1 H8UH5100F14A1 H8UH5125J20A1 H8UH5140J20A1 H9MPD050F12A1 H9MPD050F12A2 H9MPD050F12A3 H9MPD050F12B1 H9MPD075F12A1 H9MPD075F12A2 H9MPD075F12A3 H9MPD075F12B1 H9MPD080J16A2 H9MPD080J16A3 H9MPD080J16B1 H9MPD100J14A1 H9MPD100J14A2 H9MPD100J14A3 H9MPD100J14B1 H9MPD100J20A1 H9MPD100J20A2 H9MPD100J20A3 H9MPD100J20B1 H9MPD125L20A1 H9MPD125L20A2 H9MPD125L20A3 H9MPD125L20B1 HL12H3TR01 HL18H3TR01 HL25H3TR01 HL31H4TR01 HL34H5TR01 MUF050W3B1 MUF075W3B1 MUF100W3B1 MUF125W5B1 MUF140W5B1 N8MPL050B12A1 N8MPL075B12A1 N8MPL075F16A1 N8MPL100F20A1 N8MPL100J22A1 N8MPL125J20A1 N8MPL125J22A1 N8MPN050B12A1 N8MPN075B12A1 N8MPN075F16A1 N8MPN100F14A1 N8MPN100F20A1 N8MPN100J22A1 N8MPN125J20A1 N8MPN125J22A1 N9MP1050B12A1 N9MP1050B12A2 N9MP1050B12A3 N9MP1050B12B1 N9MP1075B12A1 N9MP1075B12A2 N9MP1075B12A3 N9MP1075B12B1 N9MP1080F16A2 N9MP1080F16A3 N9MP1080F16B1 N9MP1100F14A1 N9MP1100F14A2 N9MP1100F14A3 N9MP1100F14B1 N9MP1100J20A1 N9MP1100J20A2 N9MP1100J20A3 N9MP1100J20B1 N9MP1125J20A1 N9MP1125J20A2 N9MP1125J20A3 N9MP1125J20B1 N9MP2050B12A1 N9MP2050B12A2 N9MP2050B12A3 N9MP2050B12B1 N9MP2075B12A1 N9MP2075B12A2 N9MP2075B12A3 N9MP2075B12B1 N9MP2080F16A2 N9MP2080F16A3 N9MP2080F16B1 N9MP2100F14A1 N9MP2100F14A2 N9MP2100F14A3 N9MP2100F14B1 N9MP2100J20A1 N9MP2100J20A2 N9MP2100J20A3 N9MP2100J20B1 N9MP2125J20A1 N9MP2125J20A2 N9MP2125J20A3 N9MP2125J20B1 T8DNL050B12A1 T8DNL075B12A1 T8DNL075F16A1 T8DNL100F14A1 T8DNL100L20A1 T8DNL125L20A1 T8MPL050B12A1 T8MPL075B12A1 T8MPL075F16A1 T8MPL100F20A1 T8MPL100J20A1 T8MPL125J20A1 T8MPN050B12A1 T8MPN075B12A1 T8MPN075F16A1 T8MPN100F14A1 T8MPN100F20A1 T8MPN100J20A1 T8MPN125J20A1 T8MPN150J20A1 T9MPD050F12A1 T9MPD050F12A2 T9MPD050F12A3 T9MPD050F12B1 T9MPD075F12A1 T9MPD075F12A2 T9MPD075F12A3 T9MPD075F12B1 T9MPD080J16A2 T9MPD080J16A3 T9MPD080J16B1 T9MPD100J14A1 T9MPD100J14A2 T9MPD100J14A3 T9MPD100J14B1 T9MPD100J20A1 T9MPD100J20A2 T9MPD100J20A3 T9MPD100J20B1 T9MPD125L20A1 T9MPD125L20A2 T9MPD125L20A3 T9MPD125L20B1 C8MPT050B12A1 C8MPT075F14A1 C8MPT100F14A1 C8MPT100J20A1 C8MPT125J20A1 C8MPV050B12A1 C8MPV075F14A1 C8MPV100J20A1 C8MPV125J20A1 C9MPT050F12A1 C9MPT050F12A2 C9MPT050F12A3 C9MPT050F12B1 C9MPT075F12A1 C9MPT075F14A2 C9MPT075F14A3 C9MPT075F14B1 C9MPT100J16A1 C9MPT100J16A2 C9MPT100J16A3 C9MPT100J16B1 C9MPT125L20A1 C9MPT125L20A2 C9MPT125L20A3 C9MPT125L20B1 C9MPV050F12A1 C9MPV050F12A2 C9MPV050F12A3 C9MPV050F12B1 C9MPV075F12A1 C9MPV075F12A2 C9MPV075F12A3 C9MPV075F12B1 C9MPV100J20A1 C9MPV100J20A2 C9MPV100J20A3 C9MPV100J20B1 C9MPV125L20A1 C9MPV125L20A2 C9MPV125L20A3 C9MPV125L20B1 H8MPT050B12A1 H8MPT075F14A1 H8MPT100F14A1 H8MPT100J20A1 H8MPT125J20A1 H8MPV050B12A1 H8MPV075F14A1 H8MPV100J20A1 H8MPV125J20A1 H9MPT050F12A1 H9MPT050F12A2 H9MPT050F12A3 H9MPT050F12B1 H9MPT075F12A1 H9MPT075F14A2 H9MPT075F14A3 H9MPT075F14B1 H9MPT100J16A1 H9MPT100J16A2 H9MPT100J16A3 H9MPT100J16B1 H9MPT125L20A1 H9MPT125L20A2 H9MPT125L20A3 H9MPT125L20B1 H9MPV050F12A1 H9MPV050F12A2 H9MPV050F12A3 H9MPV050F12B1 H9MPV075F12A1 H9MPV075F12A2 H9MPV075F12A3 H9MPV075F12B1 H9MPV100J20A1 H9MPV100J20A2 H9MPV100J20A3 H9MPV100J20B1 H9MPV125L20A1 H9MPV125L20A2 H9MPV125L20A3 H9MPV125L20B1 T8MPT050B12A1 T8MPT075F14A1 T8MPT100F14A1 T8MPT100J20A1 T8MPT125J20A1 T8MPV050B12A1 T8MPV075F14A1 T8MPV100J20A1 T8MPV125J20A1 T9MPT050F12A1 T9MPT050F12A2 T9MPT050F12A3 T9MPT050F12B1 T9MPT075F12A1 T9MPT075F14A2 T9MPT075F14A3 T9MPT075F14B1 T9MPT100J16A1 T9MPT100J16A2 T9MPT100J16A3 T9MPT100J16B1 T9MPT125L20A1 T9MPT125L20A2 T9MPT125L20A3 T9MPT125L20B1 T9MPV050F12A1 T9MPV050F12A2 T9MPV050F12A3 T9MPV050F12B1 T9MPV075F12A1 T9MPV075F12A2 T9MPV075F12A3 T9MPV075F12B1 T9MPV100J20A1 T9MPV100J20A2 T9MPV100J20A3 T9MPV100J20B1 T9MPV125L20A1 T9MPV125L20A2 T9MPV125L20A3 T9MPV125L20B1 T9MPDO75F12B1