2" Commercial Straight-Thru-Flow Regulator(1-lb inlet Pressure 7, 500,000 million BtuH)

Code: GSV9191A
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2" Commercial Straight-Thru-Flow Regulator.

Straight-thru-flow design regulators are main burner only, non-lockup type.
Typical applications include residential, commercial, and industrial gas-fired appliances and equipment used on low pressure gas supply.
Gases: Natural, manufactured, mixed, liquified petroleum or LP gas-air mixture.


Unique conical valve design fills need of combining good regulation with high capacity in low to intermediate pressure range.

Allows more pressure drop to be assigned to pipping and valves permits reduction in manifold size.
Provides accurate sensitive regulation at inlet pressure as low as 3"w.c.
Also provides bonus benefits of high capacity and good performance at pressures of 1" psi or higher.

REGULATOR-7,500,000 Million BtuH. Replaces Part Numbers:RV91-2, CARRV912.