Natural Gas Valve Body Less Ignition Module (Lennox Carrier, BDP Equipment)

Natural Gas Valve Body Less Ignition Module (Lennox Carrier, BDP Equipment)
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OEM Natural Gas Valve Less Ignition Control(Lennox)


Perform the following procedure to install the replacement VLV49A valve.

1. Turn off power to the appliance.
2. Turn off the gas at the manual shutoff valve adjacent to the appliance.
(If the manual shutoff valve services more than one appliance, be sure
to light the other pilots before leaving.)
3. With the gas and power to the appliance turned off, disconnect the
power supply (transformer) and the thermostat lead wire at the
ignition control.
4. Disconnect the sensing probe lead from Terminal 4 on the ignition
5. Disconnect the high voltage cable from the spark transformer.
6. Disconnect the Pilot Valve 1 and Main Valve 3 leads from the
terminal board or end plug-in Heyco terminals (see Figures 2 and 3).

Blower Time Delay Fan Control:
7. Remove Screws A and B holding the ignition control assembly to the
valve and plate assembly (see Figure 1). These two screws are located
on the bottom surface of the ignition control assembly.
8. Remove the ignition control.
9. Disconnect the pilot burner tubing from the pilot tap connection on
the gas valve (see Figure 1).
10. Verify (when looking on the inlet of the valve) that the location of the
grommet and wire leads on the old valve and new replacement valve
are on the same side.
If they are not on the same side, remove the grommet of the new
replacement valve and insert it into the other side of the mounting
plate (see Figure 4). This allows the placement of the ignition control
spark transformer over the outlet of the valve instead of the inlet.

Blower Time Delay Fan Control:

11. Remove the old valve from the manifold and install the new
replacement valve. Ensure the gas flows through the valve body in the
direction indicated by the arrow on the valve body. If the valve is
installed with the gas flow opposite the arrow, leakage can occur.
A thread lubricant has been factory applied to the first two or
three threads of the valve inlet and outlet to avoid galling. Use an
approved pipe-joint sealing compound on male threads before
assembling. Take care that excess compound does not work into the
valve and get onto the valve seats. Threads of pipe and nipples must
be smooth and free of tears and burrs.
12. Reconnect the pilot burner tubing at the pilot tap connection.
13. Fasten the ignition control assembly to the valve and plate assembly
with the screws provided with the replacement valve.
14. Break off the portion of the plate that protrudes if it interferes with
surrounding surfaces (see Figure 4).
15. Reconnect the thermostat leads, the sensing probe lead, and the high
voltage cable according to the labels on the wires. Do not connect
the electrical supply at this time.
a. On grounded versions (part numbers ending with the
letters H, L, G, or J [e.g., G60QBG or G60QBJ]), connect the
black lead wire to one of the ground terminals on the ignition
control. Four ground spade terminals are located just below the
terminal board on terminal board models (see Figure 2) or in a
square arrangement on the end of the plug-in Heyco models
(see Figure 3).
On ungrounded versions (part numbers ending with a K
[e.g., G60QBK]), connect the black lead wire to Terminal 5 on
the ignition control.
On systems using G600 ignition controls, connect the black lead
wire to a ground terminal on the ignition control.
b. Connect the blue lead wire to Terminal 1 on the ignition control.
IMPORTANT: To permit verification of pilot operation, do not connect
the red lead wire to any terminal at this time.
16. Check for leakage.
a. Open the pressure connection between the manual shutoff valve
and the VLV valve.
b. Connect air tubing with a maximum pressure of 1-1/2 times the
valve’s maximum operating pressure (as indicated on the valve)
to the opened pressure connection.
c. Paint all valve body connections with a rich soap and water
If bubbles occur, this is an indication of a leak. To stop a leak,
tighten joints and connections. Replace the part if the leak
cannot be stopped.
If bubbles do not occur, remove the air tubing and close the
pressure connection.
17. After installation of the replacement valve is complete, except for the
attachment of the red lead wire, turn on the gas at the manual
shutoff valve.
a. Reconnect the power supply lead wire to the ignition control and
turn the power On.
b. Set the thermostat to the highest setting. The pilot valve will
open, spark will be energized, and the pilot will light.
c. Test for gas leaks in the pilot line with a soap solution.
d. After the check is complete, turn off the power and connect the
red lead wire to Terminal 3 on the ignition control.
18. Turn on the power and set the thermostat to the desired setting.


IMPORTANT: All adjustments must be made in conjunction with
the gas appliance and in accordance with the
appliance manufacturer’s instruction. Only
authorized personnel should make adjustments.

! WARNING: Explosion Hazard. The minimum flow rate of the
valve must not be adjusted below the minimum safe
working rate of the appliance.

The pressure regulator is adjustable and has been factory set. If a different
setting is desired, follow these instructions.
1. Shut off all gas to the appliance.
2. Turn the thermostat to the lowest setting or Off position.
3. Remove the pressure tap plug at the valve outlet or in the manifold
pipe downstream of the valve.
4. Install a manometer or pressure gauge suitable for measuring the
desired orifice pressure.
5. Remove the seal screw at the end of the regulator stack.
6. Turn the gas on and place the thermostat at the highest setting to
cycle the ignition system.
7. Allow the system to stabilize. Adjust the screw in the regulator stack
to the desired reading on the manometer. (Turn clockwise to increase
the outlet pressure and counterclockwise to reduce the outlet
8. Reinstall the seal screw, which incorporates the proper size hole for
venting to the atmosphere. (It may be necessary to cycle the valve
several times to verify the desired outlet pressure.)
9. Turn off the gas supply and place the thermostat at the lowest setting.
10. Remove the pressure manometer and reinstall the pressure tap plug.
11. Turn the gas on and set the thermostat to the desired setting.
12. Check for leaks at the pressure tap plug with a soap solution before
leaving the site.


! WARNING: Fire or Explosion Hazard. Avoid personal injury
or property damage by making sure the valve
functions properly and there are no gas leaks.
Follow this checkout procedure before leaving the
Make sure all components are functioning properly by performing the
following test:

1. Test for leaks on all pipe joints and connections upstream of the gas
valve with a soap solution.
2. Turn the thermostat to a low setting.
3. Turn on the gas and purge the gas lines of all air.
4. Turn the thermostat to a high setting. The appliance should operate in
accordance with the manufacturer’s specified sequence of operation.
5. Test for leaks on all pipe joints and connections downstream of the
gas valve with a soap solution.
6. Turn the thermostat down for at least 30 seconds and then back up
again. Verify successful ignition at least three times before leaving
the installation.


The VLV49A replacement valves are not field repairable. Do not
attempt field repairs. For a replacement valve, contact American HVAC Parts
Toll Free at (866) 432-8551.

Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

G60DCG-1 G60DCG1 G60DCG-2 G60DCG2 G60DCG-4 G60DCG4 G60QCG-1 G60QCG1 G60QCL-1 G60QCL1 G60QCJ-1 G60QCJ1 G60QHL-1 G60QHL1 G60QHL-2 G60QHL2 G60RCG-2 G60RCG2 G60RCJ-1 G60RCJ1 G60RHL-1 G60RHL1 G60RHP-1 G60RHP1 VLV34A-617 VLV34A617 VLV34A-621 VLV34A621 VLV34A-626 VLV34A626 VLV34A-628 VLV34A628 VLV34A-637 VLV34A637 VLV34A-643 VLV34A643 VLV34A-644 VLV34A644 VLV41A-602 VLV41A602 VLV43A-603 VLV43A603 VLV43A-612 VLV43A612 VLV43A-616 VLV43A616 VLV49A-604R VLV49A604R 85A6601 12B57, 85A6501 83A1601PR VLV49A600R, VLV49A-600R, 10B1901, 12B5801, 83A1501PR, 83A1601, 12B5701, 12B58, 12B5801, 83A16, 83A1601, 85A66, VLV43A-600, VLV43A-609, EF33CZ206, VLV49A-601R, CAREF33CZ206, CAR85A66, CARVLV49A600..

*This gas valve usually has an ignition control installed directly on top of the valve. Please be aware that the ignition control is NOT included with the valve. This part number is for the valve only!


• SIZE 1/2′ x 3/4′
• PRESSURE SET AT: 3.5 @ 125M
• CAPACITY 200,000 BTU’s

Used In Lennox Furnace Model:

G16Q3-75-5 G1603-75-5 G16Q3X-75-1 G16Q3-75-1 G15Q3X751 G16Q3-75-1 G16O3X751 G12Q4E-137-14 G16O3X-75-1

Used in Carrier Bryant Day Night Furnace Models:

585GJ048080 585AB036080AA 0066 585AB036100AA 0066 585AB036125AA 0066 585AB042100AA 0066 585AB042125AA 0066 585AB048125AA 0066 585AB048150AA 0066 585AB060125AA 0066 585AB060150AA 0066 585AC042100AA 0066 585AC042125AA 0066 585AC048125AA 0066 585AC048150AA 0066 585AC060125AA 0066 585AC060150AA 0066 585AE048125AA 0066 48EG006 0057 B 585AE048150AA 0066 585AE060150AA 0066 585AG042100AA 0066 585AG042125AA 0066 585AG048125AA 0066 585AG048150AA 0066 585AG060125AA 0066 585AG060150AA 0066 585AJ024055AA 0066 585AJ024080AA 0066 585AJ030080AA 0066 585AK036080AA 0066 585AN018050AA 0066 585AP036100AA 0066 585AP036125AA 0066 48KL018300 0054 A 48KL018310 0054 A 48KL024300 0054 A 48KL024310 0054 A 48KL030300 0054 A 48KL030310 0054 A 48KL036300 0054 A 48KL036310 0054 A 48KL036500 0054 A 48KL036510 0054 A 48KL036600 0054 A 48KL036610 0054 A 579EEW060125CB 0076 48KL042300 0054 A 48KL042310 0054 A 48KL042500 0054 A 579EPW060125CB 0076 48KL042510 0054 A 48KL048300 0054 A 48KL048310 0054 A 48KL048500 0054 A 48KL048510 0054 A 48KL048600 0054 A 48KL048610 0054 A 48KL060300 0054 A 48KL060310 0054 A 48KL118300 0054 A 48KL118310 0054 A 48KL124300 0054 A 48KL124310 0054 A 48KL130300 0054 A 48KL130310 0054 A 48KL136300 0054 A 48KL136310 0054 A 48KL136500 0054 A 48KL136510 0054 A 48KL136600 0054 A 48KL136610 0054 A 48KL142300 0054 A 100U3619X 0039 48KL142310 0054 A 48KL142500 0054 A 125U4819X 0039 150U4819X 0039 48KL142510 0054 A 48KL148300 0054 A 48KL148310 0054 A 48KL148500 0054 A 48KL148510 0054 A 48KL148600 0054 A 48KL148610 0054 A 48KL160300 0054 A 48KL160310 0054 A 48KLA036500 0054 A 48KLA036510 0054 A 48KLA036600 0054 A 48KLA036610 0054 A 48KLA042500 0054 A 48KLA042510 0054 A 48KLA048500 0054 A 48KLA048510 0054 A 080UW36 B 0019 100U36 B 0019 100U48 B 0019 48KLA048 600 0054 A 48KLA048 610 0054 A 125U48 B 0019 125U60 B 0019 150U60 B 0019 48KLA118 300 0054 A 080UW36 A 0019 100U36 A 0019 48KLA118 310 0054 A 100U48 A 0019 125U48 A 0019 125U60 A 0019 48KLA124 300 0054 A 150U60 A 0019 48KLA124310 0054 A 48KLA130300 0054 A 48KLA130310 0054 A 48KLA136300 0054 A 48KLA136310 0054 A 48KLA142300 0054 A 48KLA142310 0054 A 585EBW060125CB 0076 48KLA148300 0054 A 48KLA148310 0054 A 585EBW060150CB 0076 48KLA160300 0054 A 48KLA160310 0054 A 585EEW036075CB 0076 585EEW048100CB 0076 585EEW060125CB 0076 585EJW018050CB 0076 585EJW024050CB 0076 585EJW024075CB 0076 585EJW030050CB 0076 585EJW030075CB 0076 585EJW036075CB 0076 585EJW036125CB 0076 585EJW042075CB 0076 585EJW042100CB 0076 585EJW048100CB 0076 585EJW048125CB 0076 585EPW036075CB 0076 585EPW036125CB 0076 585EPW042075CB 0076 585EPW042100CB 0076 585EPW048100CB 0076 585EPW048125CB 0076 397D036080 A 0018 397D036100 A 0018 585EPW060125CB 0076 397D048100 A 0018 397D048125 A 0018 397D048150 A 0018 397D060125 A 0018 397D060150 A 0018 585EPW060150CB 0076 397D036080 B 0019 397D036100 B 0019 397D048100 B 0019 397D048125 B 0019 397D048150 B 0019 397D060125 B 0019 397D060150 B 0019 397E036080 A 0019 397E036100 A 0019 397E048100 A 0019 397E048125 A 0019 397E048150 A 0019 397E060125 A 0019 397E060150 A 0019 48KH024300 0054 A 48KH024310 0054 A 48KH030300 0054 A 48KH030310 0054 A 48KH036300 0054 A 48KH036310 0054 A 48KH036500 0054 A 48KH036510 0054 A 48KH042300 0054 A 48KH042310 0054 A 48KH042500 0054 A 48KH042510 0054 A 48KH048300 0054 A 48KH048310 0054 A 48KH048500 0054 A 48KH048510 0054 A 48KH060300 0054 A 48KH060310 0054 A 48KH124300 0054 A 48KH124310 0054 A 585EJW024075 B 0076 48KH130300 0054 A 585EJW030075 B 0076 48KH130310 0054 A 585GJW018040 B 0076 48KH136300 0054 A 585GJW024040 B 0076 48KH136310 0054 A 48KH136500 0054 A 585GJW030040 B 0076 585GJW036060 B 0076 48KH136510 0054 A 585EEW036060 B 0076 48KH142300 0054 A 585EJW036125 B 0076 48KH142310 0054 A 585EPW036060 B 0076 48KH142500 0054 A 48KH142510 0054 A 585EPW036100 B 0076 585EPW036125 B 0076 48KH148300 0054 A 585GJW036100 B 0076 48KH148310 0054 A 585EJW042100 B 0076 48KH148500 0054 A 585EPW042060 B 0076 48KH148510 0054 A 48KH160300 0054 A 585EPW042100 B 0076 585EPW048080 B 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