3/4 H.P. Totally Enclosed 1-Speed 230 Volt 1075 RPM Condenser Fan Motor

3/4 H.P. Totally Enclosed 1-Speed 230 Volt 1075 RPM Condenser Fan Motor
Code: MOT512443732
Price: $189.90
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3/4 H.P. 208/230 Volt Universal Condenser Motor

Part Specifications

Motor Type: Permanent Split Capacitor Enclosure Totally Enclosed Air Over Motor

Motor HP: 3/4
Motor RPM: 1075
Voltage: 208-230
50Hz/60Hz No/Yes
Bearings: Sleeve
Mounting Stud, Band, Base or Lug
Mounting Dim. Bolt Circle - 5.2"
Amps: 5.0
Motor Speeds: 1
Shaft Size: 1/2"
Load Factor 1.3
Diameter 5.6"

Replaces Part Numbers:
1070461 K55PWG-5333 K55PWG5333 HF3U038 K55HXPWG5333 51-24437-31 512443731 5KCP39PGM-602T 5KCP39SGT039 3731 0257-8731 K55HXSGA-8665 K8665 CARD933 5KCP39PGM602T CAR4M108.

* IMPORTANT!!! - PLEASE NOTE: All PSC Motors are designed to be used with an external capacitor. The Capacitor operates in the Motor Circuit continuously. It is commonly referred to as a run capacitor. The Run Capacitor is designed to keep a constant and even flow of power going to the Motor. The Run Capacitor is sold separately. * Order New Run Capacitor Part Number: CAP10370.

Used In ICP Equipment Model Numbers:
PGB120I2HB PGB12012HB PAA180N2HA A4M090A4Y1 A4M120A4Y1 AA075F1 AA075H1 AA075HA AA075N1 AA100F1 AA100H1 AA100HA AA100N1 ACC150HA ACC180HA ACC180HBA APD090H000A APD090H000B APD120H000A APD120H000B APD150H000A APD150H000B APD180H000A APD180H000B CAA090SNHA CAA120SNHA CAB090SNHA CAB120SNHA CAC150HA CAC180HA CAC180HBA CHB090SNHA CHB120SNHA G4M090A4G1 G4M120A4H1 GPD090H200A GPD090H200B GPD120H240A GPD120H240B GPD150H270A GPD150H270B GPD180H270A GPD180H270B NCHA090SNHA NCHA120SNHA PAA090N2HA PAA120N2HA PAA150N2HA PAA180N2HA PAB090N2HA PAB120N2HA PAB120N2HB PAB150N2HA PAB180N2HA PAD090H000A PAD090H000B PAD120H000A PAD120H000B PAD150H000A PAD150H000B PAD180H000A PAD180H000B PGA090H2HA PGA120I2HA PGA150J2HA PGA180J2HA PGB090H2HA PGB120I2HA PGB120I2HB PGB150J2HA PGB180J2HA PGD090H200A PGD090H200B PGD120H240A PGD120H240B PGD150H270A PGD150H270B PGD180H270A PGD180H270B PHA090N2HA PHA120N2HA PHB090N2HA PHB120N2HA RAMA10H001A RAMA10H001B RAMA12H001A RAMA15H001A RAMA75H001A RGMA10H241A RGMA10H241B RGMA12H271A RGMA15H271A RGMA75H201A RYMA10H001 RYMA10H001A RYMA75H001 RYMA75H001A YA075HA1 YA100HA1