3-Spade Terminals Liquid Flame Sensor 33" Capillary Tube (White Rodgers)

3-Spade Terminals Liquid Flame Sensor 33
Code: FLS30494
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White Rodgers Upgraded Liquid Flame Sensor:

Mercury Flame Sensor:33.
Element, Three -1/4 Male.
Terminals, Bulb Style #2.

Replaces Part Numbers:3098-171, 3049-29, 3049-4, 30494, CAR30494.


The mercury flame sensor is a mechanical device that proves the existence of an acceptable pilot flame. It converts the heat of a pilot flame to motion which is used to open and close a set of electrical contacts, and consists of a bulb, capillary, diaphram, snap-switch mechanism, and mercury-filled bulb. When the bulb is heated by a pilot flame, the mercury is vaporized causing pressure in the capillary and diaphram. Movement of the diaphram causes the snap-switch to open one set of contacts and close a second set. These contacts control the pilot and the main valve.