Thermometer 10/240F B

Thermometer 10/240F B
Code: THE2100203
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Part: T-2100-203
Manufacturer: Johnson Controls
Description: THERMOMETER 10/240F B
Category: Temperature Controls
Sub Category: Thermometers

T-2100 Dial Thermometers are available in three mounting configurations: surface mounted, flush/panel mounted, and direct
mounted. Each configuration is available with either an 8 ft (244 cm) averaging element or a “B” bulb element, with a
temperature scale of either -40 to 160°F or 40 to 240°F.

The vapor in the sensing element expands or contracts in direct proportion to an increase or decrease in temperature. The
force of this expansion or contraction actuates a bourdon tube and, through a series of precision gears, causes the pointer on the gage face to
rotate, giving an accurate temperature reading.

Surface mounted T-2100s feature a flange with three 5/32 in. mounting holes for attaching to a variety of surfaces. A mounting
bracket which will accommodate panel thicknesses up to 5/8 in. (16 mm) is included with all flush/panel mounted T-2100s.
Direct mounted T-2100s feature an element connection that allows the temperature element to be tilted to any angle within an
arc of 180°. In addition, the gage face and casing assembly on direct mounted T-2100s can also rotate about its mounting 180°.
All T-2100s should be located away from excessive vibration in a position where the gage face can be easily read.

Replaces Part Numbers: T-2100-203
, CART-2100-203