Honeywell Whole-house Humidifier.

Honeywell Whole-house Humidifier.
Code: HE220A1001A
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HE220 Bypass Flow-through Humidifier Part Number:HE220A1001: Bypass Flow-through Humidifiers use the warm air furnace blower to provide whole house humidification. Preassembled for quicker installation. Small footprint, light weight and reversible components allow for easy mounting on either warm air supply or cold air return of any forced air furnace. Interior components designed for quick maintenance and service. Includes easy-to-use humidistat which mounts on the wall or duct for more installation flexibility. Perfect Climate Comfort Centerâ„¢ control can be installed to replace both the thermostat and humidistat for improved aesthetics and convenience. Standard tested per ARI Standard 610.