Protectorelay® Oil Primary Control, Current @ 120/240 Volts 7.4 Amperes(Honeywell)

Protectorelay® Oil Primary Control, Current @ 120/240 Volts 7.4 Amperes(Honeywell)
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Honeywell R8184G Protectorelay® Oil Burner Control.

Provides automatic, nonrecycling control of an intermittent ignition oil burner system.
Controls oil burner, oil valve (if desired) and the ignition transformer in response to a call for heat.
Solid state flame sensing circuit.
LED on terminal strip indicates system lockout. Remote lockout indication available on some models.
Enclosed safety switch with external reset button.
Manual trip lever opens safety switch for system maintenance.
Mounts on standard 4 x 4 in. junction box; select models may be mounted directly on burner housing.
C554A Cadmium Sulfide Flame Detector and 24 Vac thermostat required.

Honeywell Ignition Module Replaces these Obsolete Part Numbers:R8184G1138.

This Ignition Module is also used on Worthington Climatrol units Models:487-125.

Timing, Safety Switch 45 sec.

Mounting Bracket For mounting on a standard 4 in. X 4 in. junction box or direct mounting on burner housing.
Electrical Rating; Contacts (full load) 7.4 A @ 120 Vac; 3.7 a @ 240 Vac.
Electrical Rating; Contacts (locked rotor) 44.4 A @ 120 Vac; 22.2 A @ 240 Vac.
Alarm Load Ratings (pilot duty) 75 VA @ 120/240 Vac, 50-60 Hz; 25 VA @ 24V, 50-60 Hz.
Alarm Load Ratings (resistive) 1.5 A @ 120/240V, 50-60Hz; 3 A @ 24 V, 50-60 Hz.
Approvals UL Component Recognized; File no. MP268, Vol. 35 Sec. 1,3. CSA Certified; File no. LR95329-1.
Dimensions (in.) 4 3/8 in. high, 4 1/8 in. wide, 2 1/2 in. deep.
Dimensions (mm) 111 mm high, 104 mm wide, 64 mm deep.
Ignition Type Intermittent.
Temperature Ratings (F) -40 F to +130 F.
Temperature Ratings (C) -40 C to +54 C.
Product Used With With LED for lockout indication, and manual trip lever on safety switch to assure burner shutdown during servicing.
Description Protectorelay® Oil Burner Control.
Replaces Part Numbers:

R8184G1005 HWR8184G1286 624503 R8184G 42-22770-01 R8184G1427 R8184G1310 R8184B1295 P691-R8484G R8184G4009 R8184G1427 R8184G1286 CARR8184G4009

Used in Rheem Ruud Furnace Models: