Defrost Control Circuit Board (American Standard Trane)

Defrost Control Circuit Board (American Standard Trane)
Code: CIB1642A
Price: $146.77
Quantity in Basket: None
Trane New Upgraded Defrost Control Circuit Board Specifications:

Input Control Voltage: 18-30 VAC.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Power Consumption: 1 watt maximum.

Replaces Part Numbers:

270155718900 C142827G01 WW28X275 X13690150010 CNT1642 CNT1152 21C142827G01 CARB13016 CNT1642A 21C142827G1 ICM316C DF0R-AE1008 DFOR-AE1008 W1001-4 DEAF316 ICM316 ICM316C CNT01642 CNT01152 CARICM316.

Used in Trane Equipment Models:

TWD7303100A0 TWD730B100A0 WCX024A100BB WCX024A100BB WCX024100BB WCC036F100BB WCCO36F100BB WCX036A100BB WCC048F100BA WCC036F100BE WCCO36F100BE TWJ724A100A0 TWJ730A100A0 TWJ730A100B0 TWJ724A100A0 TWJ736A100B0 TWJ724A100B0 TWJ736A100B0 TWJ736A100BO TWJ730A100B0.

Used in Goodman Janitrol Equipment Models:

CPKE24-1B CPKE241B ASH130181A ASH130181A ASH130241A ASH130241A ASH130301A ASH130301A ASH130361A ASH130361A ASH130421A ASH130421A ASH130481A ASH130481A ASH130601A ASH130601A ASZ140181A ASZ140181A ASZ140241A ASZ140241A ASZ140301A ASZ140301A ASZ140361A ASZ140361A ASZ140421A ASZ140421A ASZ140481A ASZ140481A ASZ140601A ASZ140601A CPKF24-2L CPKF24-2L CPKF24-2LA CPKF24-2LA CPKF24-2LB CPKF24-2LB CPKF36-2L CPKF36-2L CPKF36-2LA CPKF36-2LA CPKF36-2LB CPKF36-2LB CPKF36-5L CPKF36-5L CPKF36-5LA CPKF36-5LA CPKF36-5LB CPKF36-5LB CPKF42-5L CPKF42-5L CPKF42-5LA CPKF42-5LA CPKF42-5LB CPKF42-5LB CPKF48-2L CPKF48-2L CPKF48-2LA CPKF48-2LA CPKF48-2LB CPKF48-2LB CPKF48-5L CPKF48-5L CPKF48-5LA CPKF48-5LA CPKF48-5LB CPKF48-5LB CPKF60-5L CPKF60-5L CPKF60-5LA CPKF60-5LA CPKF60-5LB CPKF60-5LB CPKF61-5L CPKF61-5L CPKF61-5LA CPKF61-5LA CPKF61-5LB CPKF61-5LB CPLE090-3 CPLE090-3 CPLE090-3C CPLE090-3C CPLE090-4 CPLE090-4 CPLE090-4C CPLE090-4C CPLE120-3 CPLE120-3 CPLE120-3C CPLE120-3C CPLE120-4 CPLE120-4 CPLE120-4C CPLE120-4C CPLE18-1 CPLE18-1 CPLE18-1A CPLE18-1A CPLE18-1B CPLE18-1B CPLE18-1C CPLE18-1C CPLE24-1 CPLE24-1 CPLE24-1A CPLE24-1A CPLE24-1B CPLE24-1B CPLE24-1C CPLE24-1C CPLE30-1 CPLE30-1 CPLE30-1A CPLE30-1A CPLE30-1C CPLE30-1C CPLE36-1 CPLE36-1 CPLE36-1A CPLE36-1A CPLE36-1C CPLE36-1C CPLE42-1 CPLE42-1 CPLE42-1B CPLE42-1B CPLE42-1C CPLE42-1C CPLE48-1 CPLE48-1 CPLE48-1A CPLE48-1A CPLE48-1C CPLE48-1C CPLE48-3 CPLE48-3 CPLE48-3A CPLE48-3A CPLE48-3C CPLE48-3C CPLE60-1 CPLE60-1 CPLE60-1C CPLE60-1C CPLE60-3 CPLE60-3 CPLE60-3C CPLE60-3C CPLJ18-1 CPLJ18-1 CPLJ18-1A CPLJ18-1A CPLJ18-1B CPLJ18-1B CPLJ24-1 CPLJ24-1 CPLJ24-1A CPLJ24-1A CPLJ24-1B CPLJ24-1B CPLJ30-1 CPLJ30-1 CPLJ30-1A CPLJ30-1A CPLJ30-1B CPLJ30-1B CPLJ36-1 CPLJ36-1 CPLJ36-1A CPLJ36-1A CPLJ36-1B CPLJ36-1B CPLJ42-1 CPLJ42-1 CPLJ42-1A CPLJ42-1A CPLJ42-1B CPLJ42-1B CPLJ48-1 CPLJ48-1 CPLJ48-1A CPLJ48-1A CPLJ48-1B CPLJ48-1B CPLJ60-1 CPLJ60-1 CPLJ60-1A CPLJ60-1A CPLJ60-1B CPLJ60-1B CPLT24-1 CPLT24-1 CPLT24-1A CPLT24-1A CPLT24-1B CPLT24-1B CPLT30-1 CPLT30-1 CPLT30-1A CPLT30-1A CPLT30-1B CPLT30-1B CPLT36-1 CPLT36-1 CPLT36-1B CPLT36-1B CPLT42-1 CPLT42-1 CPLT42-1B CPLT42-1B CPLT48-1 CPLT48-1 CPLT48-1B CPLT48-1B CPLT60-1 CPLT60-1 CPLT60-1B CPLT60-1B CPRT24-1 CPRT24-1 CPRT30-1 CPRT30-1 CPRT36-1 CPRT36-1 CPRT42-1 CPRT42-1 CPRT48-1 CPRT48-1 CPRT60-1 CPRT60-1 GPH1324H21A GPH1324H21A GPH1324H21AB GPH1324H21AB GPH1330H21A GPH1330H21A GPH1330H21AB GPH1330H21AB GPH1336H21A GPH1336H21A GPH1336H21AB GPH1336H21AB GPH1342H21A GPH1342H21A GPH1342H21AB GPH1342H21AB GPH1348H21A GPH1348H21A GPH1348H21AB GPH1348H21AB GPH1360H21A GPH1360H21A GPH1360H21AA GPH1360H21AA GSH130181A GSH130181A GSH130191A GSH130191A GSH130241A GSH130241A GSH130251A GSH130251A GSH130301A GSH130301A GSH130311A GSH130311A GSH130361A GSH130361A GSH130363A GSH130363A GSH130421A GSH130421A GSH130481A GSH130481A GSH130483A GSH130483A GSH130484A GSH130484A GSH130601A GSH130601A GSH130603A GSH130603A GSH130604A GSH130604A GSH140181A GSH140181A GSH140241A GSH140241A GSH140301A GSH140301A GSH140361A GSH140361A GSH140421A GSH140421A GSH140481A GSH140481A GSH140601A GSH140601A PH024-1 PH024-1 PH030-1D PH030-1D PH036-1D PH036-1D PH036-3A PH036-3A PH042-1 PH042-1 PH048-1A PH048-1A PH048-3A PH048-3A PH048-5C PH048-5C PH048-5F PH048-5F PH060-1C PH060-1C PH060-3C PH060-3C PH060-5C PH060-5C PH060-5F PH060-5F PHB24C02E1 P1239214C PHB24C02F1 P1239220C PHB24CC2E1 P1239908C PHB24CC2F1 P1239911C PHB30C02E1 P1239215C PHB30C02F1 P1239221C PHB30CC2E1 P1239909C PHB30CC2F1 P1239912C PHB36C02E1 P1239216C PHB36C02F1 P1239222C PHB36CC2E1 P1239910C PHB36CC2F1 P1239913C PHB42C02E1 P1239217C PHB42C02F1 P1239223C PHB48C02E1 P1239218C PHB48C02F1 P1239224C PHB60C02E1 P1239219C PHB60C02F1 P1239225C PHD24C02E1 P1239712C PHD24C02F1 P1239718C PHD24CC2E1 P1240008C PHD24CC2F1 P1240011C PHD30C02E1 P1239713C PHD30C02F1 P1239719C PHD30CC2E1 P1240009C PHD30CC2F1 P1240012C PHD36C02E1 P1239714C PHD36C02F1 P1239720C PHD36CC2E1 P1240010C PHD36CC2F1 P1240013C PHD42C02E1 P1239715C PHD42C02F1 P1239721C PHD48C02E1 P1239716C PHD48C02F1 P1239722C PHD60C02E1 P1239717C PHD60C02F1 P1239723C PHK024-1 PHK024-1 PHK024-1A PHK024-1A PHK024-1B PHK024-1B PHK024-1F PHK024-1F PHK030-1 PHK030-1 PHK030-1A PHK030-1A PHK030-1B PHK030-1B PHK030-1F PHK030-1F PHK036-1 PHK036-1 PHK036-1A PHK036-1A PHK036-1B PHK036-1B PHK036-1F PHK036-1F PHK036-3 PHK036-3 PHK036-3A PHK036-3A PHK036-3B PHK036-3B PHK036-3F PHK036-3F PHK042-1 PHK042-1 PHK042-1A PHK042-1A PHK042-1B PHK042-1B PHK042-1F PHK042-1F PHK048-1 PHK048-1 PHK048-1A PHK048-1A PHK048-1B PHK048-1B PHK048-1F PHK048-1F PHK048-3 PHK048-3 PHK048-3A PHK048-3A PHK048-3B PHK048-3B PHK048-3F PHK048-3F PHK060-1 PHK060-1 PHK060-1B PHK060-1B PHK060-1F PHK060-1F PHK060-3 PHK060-3 PHK060-3B PHK060-3B PHK060-3F PHK060-3F PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1A PHKJ024-1A* PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1B PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1C PHKJ024-1F PHKJ024-1F PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1 PHKJ030-1* PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1A PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1C PHKJ030-1F PHKJ030-1F PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A PHKJ036-1A* PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1C PHKJ036-1F PHKJ036-1F PHKJ042-1 PHKJ042-1 PHKJ042-1C PHKJ042-1C PHKJ042-1F PHKJ042-1F PHKJ048-1A PHKJ048-1A PHKJ048-1A* PHKJ048-1C PHKJ048-1C PHKJ048-1F PHKJ048-1F PHKJ060-1 PHKJ060-1 PHKJ060-1A PHKJ060-1A PHKJ060-1A* PHKJ060-1C PHKJ060-1C PHKJ060-1F PHKJ060-1F RHA18C2A P1248101C RHA18C2B P1248108C RHA24C2A P1248102C RHA24C2B P1248109C RHA30C2A P1248103C RHA30C2B P1248110C RHA36C2A P1248104C RHA36C2B P1256001C RHA42C2A P1248105C RHA42C2B P1256002C RHA48C2A P1248106C RHA48C2B P1256003C RHA60C2A P1248107C RHA60C2B P1256004C RHE18C2A P1248201C RHE18C2C P1248210C P1248217C RHE24C2A P1248202C RHE24C2C P1248211C P1248218C RHE30C2A P1248203C RHE30C2C P1248212C P1248219C RHE30C2D P1248222C RHE36C2A P1248204C RHE36C2B P1248208C RHE36C2C P1248213C P1248220C RHE42C2A P1248205C RHE42C2B P1248209C RHE42C2C P1248214C P1248221C RHE42C2D P1248225C RHE48C2A P1248206C RHE48C2C P1248215C RHE48C2D P1248223C RHE60C2A P1248207C RHE60C2C P1248216C RHE60C2D P1248224C RHF24C2A P1248301C RHF24C2C P1248306C P1248311C RHF30C2A P1248302C RHF30C2C P1248307C P1248312C RHF36C2A P1248303C RHF36C2C P1248308C P1248313C RHF42C2A P1248304C RHF42C2C P1248309C P1248314C RHF48C2A P1248305C RHF48C2C P1248310C P1248315C RTC24C2A P1247801C RTC24C2C P1247807C RTC30C2A P1247802C RTC30C2C P1247808C RTC36C2A P1247803C RTC36C2C P1247809C RTC42C2A P1247804C RTC42C2C P1247810C RTC48C2A P1247805C RTC48C2C P1247811C RTC60C2A P1247806C RTC60C2C P1247812C RTG36C2A P1247702C RTG36C2C P1247705C RTG48C2A P1247703C RTG48C2C P1247706C RTG60C2A P1247704C RTG60C2C P1247707C SSZ140181 SSZ140181AA SSZ140241 SSZ140241AA SSZ140301 SSZ140301AA SSZ140361 SSZ140361AA SSZ140421 SSZ140421AA SSZ140481 SSZ140481AA SSZ140601 SSZ140601AA VHA18C2A P1246301C VHA18C2B P1246304C VHA18C2C P1246308C VHA24C2A P1246302C VHA24C2B P1246305C VHA24C2C P1246309C VHA30C2A P1246303C VHA30C2B P1246306C VHA30C2C P1246310C VHA36C2A P1246401C VHA36C2B P1246405C VHA36C2C P1246408C VHA42C2A P1246402C VHA42C2B P1246406C VHA42C2C P1246409C VHA48C2A P1246403C VHA48C2B P1246407C VHA48C2C P1246410C VHA60C2A P1246404C VHA60C2C P1246411C VHC18C2A P1247401C VHC18C2B P1246307C VHC18C2C P1246312C VHC24C2A P1247402C VHC24C2B P1247412C VHC24C2C P1247416C VHC30C2A P1247403C VHC30C2B P1247408C VHC30C2C P1247417C VHC36C2A P1247404C VHC36C2B P1247415C VHC36C2C P1247418C VHC42C2A P1247405C VHC42C2B P1247414C VHC42C2C P1247419C VHC48C2A P1247406C VHC48C2C P1247420C VHC48C2D P1247422C VHC60C2A P1247407C VHC60C2C P1247421C VHC60C2D P1247423C XH10181B P1249101C XH10181C P1249108C XH10241B P1249102C XH10241C P1249109C XH10301B P1249103C XH10301C P1249110C XH10361B P1249104C XH10361C P1256101C XH10421B P1249105C XH10421C P1256102C XH10481B P1249106C XH10481C P1256103C XH10601B P1249107C XH10601C P1256104C XH12181B P1249201C XH12241B P1249202C XH12301B P1249203C XH12361B P1249204C XH12421B P1249205C XH12481B P1249206C XH12601B P1249207C XH14241B P1249401C XH14301B P1249402C XH14361B P1249403C XH14421B P1249404C XH14481B P1249405C XPH1124A P1243507C XPH1130A P1243508C XPH1136A P1243509C XPH1142A P1243510C XPH1148A P1243511C XPH1160A P1243512C XPH1324A P1243606C XPH1330A P1243607C XPH1336A P1243608C XPH1342A P1243609C XPH1348A P1243610C

Product Specifications:>br>
Input Control Voltage: 18-30 VAC.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Power Consumption: 1 watt maximum.
Type: Condenser Relay.
1hp fan @ 240 VAC.
Rating: 2 amps.
Mode of Operation:

Provides a selectable time interval between defrost cycles. It will allow heat for the selected 30/60/90 minute period and provide a 10 minute defrost. A hold input permits the timer to accumulate time only while the compressor is running.
Additionally, a warm coil causes the disc sensor to open which will prevent time accumulation or end in an in-progress defrost period. When the defrost period ends either by opening the DFT or after the 10 minute defrost period has elapsed, the timer is reset.
Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

CNT01642, CNT01152, CNT1642, CNT1152, 21C142827G01, CARICM316.
Time Delay Defrost Time: 10 minute fixed +/- 5%.
Interval Time: pin selectable 50/70/90 minute.
Power On Reset Time: 500 milliseconds.
Test Time: Short Across Test Terminals-reduced test time 256x