Circuit Board used in 2 speed 80% heating equipment (BDP,Bryant,Carrier)

Circuit Board used in 2 speed 80% heating equipment (BDP,Bryant,Carrier)
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Circuit Board used in 2 speed 80% heating equipment (BDP,Bryant,Carrier)


Two Speed 80% Circuit Board•2 Stage Heating
•2 Fan Speeds for Heating
•1 Fan Speed for Cooling
•2 Speed Induced Draft Motor
•EAC terminals •Hum terminal
•LED for status codes
•Adjustable blower off delay 90,135,180,225 sec.
* DIP SWITCH SETUP: #1 –Off = two stage operation –On = high heat only.
#2 n Off = single stage T-stat operation n On = two stage T-stat.
* BLOWER OFF DELAY SETUP:90 sec = sw3 off, sw4 off 135 sec = sw3 off, sw4 on 180 sec = sw3 on, sw4 off 225 sec = sw3 on, sw4 on.


Continuous off check for 115VAC at L1 & L2 and 24VAC at SEC-1 & SEC-2
•Continuous on Control has power
•Rapid Flashing line voltage (115V) polarity reversed. Reverse the two 115 Volt Power Wires.
Each of the Following Status Codes Is a Two Digit Number With the First Digit Determined by the Number of Short Flashes and the Second Digit by the Number of Long Flashes.

* 11 no previous code Stored status codes are erased when power (115V or 24V ) to control is interrupted or 48 hours after each fault is cleared
• 12 blower on after power up »Blower runs for 90 seconds if unit is powered up during a call for heat (R-W) closed
• 13 limit or flame roll-out switch lockout »Auto reset after three hours refer to # 33
• 14 ignition lock out »Control will auto reset after three hours refer to # 34
• 21 gas heat lock out »Control will not auto reset check for stuck gas valve relay on control or mis wire to gas valve
* 22 abnormal flame proving signal »Flame is proved while gas valve is circuit de-energized. inducer will run until fault is cleared.
* Check for stuck open gas valve or leaky gas valve.
• 23 pressure switch did not open.
• Check for obstructed pressure tubing , defective pressure switch (stuck closed)
• 24 secondary voltage fuse is open •Check for short circuit in secondary (24V) wiring
• 31 High heat pressure switch or relay did not close or reopened •Check for : control relay may be defective, refer to # 32.
* 32 low heat pressure, draft safeguard, aux- limit (when used*) switch did not close or reopened (down flow only*). »If open longer than five minutes,inducers shuts off for 15 minutes before retry. Check for: »Proper vent sizing - low inducer voltage (115VAC). »*Defective blower motor or capacitor - defective inducer motor. »Defective pressure switch - restricted vent. »Inadequate combustion air supply - excessive wind. »Disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing if it opens after trial for ignition period, blower will come on for 90 second recycle delay.
33 limit or flame roll-out switch is open. »If open longer than three minutes, code changes to #13. Flame roll-out switch requires manual reset. »Check for: - dirty filter or restricted duct system. - Loose blower wheel. »Defective blower motor or capacitor. - Defective switch or connections. »Inadequate combustion air supply (flame roll-out switch or fuse link open). »Open flame roll-out switch, or fuse link. Manual reset or replace.
34 ignition proving failure. »Control will try three more times before lockout #14 occurs. If flame signal is lost after trial for ignition period, blower will come on for 90 second recycle delay. Check for: »Gas valve defective or gas valve turned off. »Oxide buildup on flame sensor (clean with fine steel wool). »Proper flame sense microamps (.5 microamps d.C. Min., 4.0 - 6.0 nominal in high heat). - Green wire must be connected to furnace sheet metal. »Flame sensor must be ungrounded. - Manual valve shut-off. »Defective hot surface ignitor - control ground continuity. »Inadequate flame carryover or rough ignition. - Low inlet gas pressure.
43. low-heat pressure, draft safeguard, or auxiliary limit (when used*) switch open while high heat pressure switch is closed check for: »Disconnected or obstructed pressure tubing »Pressure switch stuck open - refer to #32 and #33 » •45 replace control.


To initiate the component test sequence, shut "OFF" the room thermostat disconnect the "R" thermostat lead. Briefly short TWIN/TEST terminal to"Com 24 V" Terminal. Status LED will turn off, control will turn "ON" the inducer motor low speed, inducer motor-high speed, hot surface ignitor, blower motor-low gas heat speed, blower motor-high gas heat speed and blower motor-high cool speed for 7-15 seconds each.
Gas valve and humidifier will not be turned on.

Replaces Circuit Board Part Numbers:

325879-751 HK42FZ010 HK42FZ005 HK42FZ010 HK42FZ015 HK42FZ010A CAR325879751..


Used In 290 Carrier, Bryant Payne Furnace Models:

58UXV10011120 352MAV048080FAKA 58UXV12011120 330JAV036060FDJA 352MAV048100FAKA 58UXV06012112 330JAV048080FDJA 58UXV08012116 58TMA-085 330JAV048100FDJA 352MAV060100FAKA 58UXV10012120 330JAV060100FDJA 58UXV12012120 330JAV060120FDJA 352MAV060120FAKA 58UXV060F13112 58UXV080F13116 331AAV024065AAJA 58UXV100F13120 331AAV036065AAJA 331AAV036085AAJA 58UXV120F13120 331AAV048085AAJA 331AAV060105AAJA 331AAV060125AAJA 331AAV024065ABJA 331AAV036065ABJA 331AAV036085ABJA 331AAV048085ABJA 331AAV048105ABJA 331AAV060105ABJA 331AAV060125ABJA 331AAV024065ACJA 58SUA06010108 58SUA06010112 331AAV036065ACJA 58SUA08010114 331AAV036085ACJA 58SUA08010116 331AAV048085ACJA 58SUA10010112 331AAV048105ACJA 58SUA10010116 331AAV060105ACJA 58SUA12010120 331AAV060125ACJA 331AAV024065ADJA 331AAV036065ADJA 331AAV036085ADJA 331AAV048085ADJA 331AAV048105ADJA 331AAV060105ADJA 331AAV060125ADJA 331JAV036060AAJA 331JAV048080AAJA 331JAV060100AAJA 331JAV036060ABJA 331JAV048080ABJA 331JAV060100ABJA 331JAV036060ACJA 331JAV048080ACJA 331JAV060100ACJA 331JAV036060ADJA 331JAV048080ADJA 331JAV060100ADJA 333BAV036060AAJA 333BAV048080AAJA 333BAV060100AAJA 333BAV060120AAJA 333BAV036060ABJA 333BAV048080ABJA 333BAV060100ABJA 333BAV060120ABJA 333BAV036060ACJA 333BAV048080ACJA 333BAV060100ACJA 333BAV060120ACJA 333BAV036060FDJA 58MTA060F10112 333BAV048080FDJA 333BAV060100FDJA 58MTA080F10112 58MTA080F10116 333BAV060120FDJA 333JAV036060AAJA 58MTA100F10116 333JAV048080AAJA 333JAV060100AAJA 58MTA100F10120 333JAV060120AAJA 58MTA120F10120 333JAV036060ABJA 333JAV048080ABJA 333JAV060100ABJA 333JAV060120ABJA 333JAV036060ACJA 333JAV048080ACJA 333JAV060100ACJA 333JAV060120ACJA 333JAV036060FDJA 333JAV048080FDJA 333JAV060100FDJA 333JAV060120FDJA 58TMA06510008 58TMA06510012 58TMA08510012 58TMA08510016 58TMA10510020 58TMA12510020 58TMA06511108 58TMA06511112 58TMA08511112 58TMA08511116 58TMA10511116 58TMA10511120 58TMA12511120 58TMA06512108 58TMA06512112 58TMA08512112 58TMA08512116 58TMA10512116 58TMA10512120 330AAV024060AAJA 58TMA12512120 330AAV036040AAJA 58TMA06513108 330AAV036060AAJA 58TMA06513112 330AAV036100AAJA 58TMA08513112 330AAV042080AAJA 58TMA08513116 330AAV048080AAJA 58TMA10513116 330AAV048100AAJA 58TMA10513120 330AAV048120AAJA 58TMA12513120 330AAV060100AAJA 58TUA04010012 58TUA06010008 330AAV060120AAJA 58TUA06010012 330AAV060135AAJA 58TUA08010014 330AAV024060ABJA 330AAV036040ABJA 58TUA08010016 330AAV036060ABJA 58TUA10010012 330AAV036100ABJA 58TUA10010016 58TUA10010020 330AAV042080ABJA 58TUA12010016 330AAV048080ABJA 58TUA12010020 58TUA13510020 58TUA04011112 58TUA06011108 58TUA06011112 58TUA08011114 58TUA08011116 58TUA10011112 58TUA10011116 58TUA10011120 58TUA12011116 58TUA12011120 58TUA13511120 58TUA04012112 330AAV048100ABJA 58TUA06012108 330AAV048120ABJA 58TUA06012112 330AAV060100ABJA 58TUA08012114 58TUA08012116 330AAV060120ABJA 58TUA10012112 330AAV060135ABJA 58TUA10012116 58DXT06010112 330AAV024060ACJA 58DXT08010116 330AAV036040ACJA 58TUA10012120 58DXT10010120 330AAV036060ACJA 58TUA12012116 58DXT06011112 330AAV036100ACJA 58TUA12012120 58DXT08011116 330AAV042080ACJA 58TUA13512120 58DXT10011120 58TUA040F13112 58DXT06012112 330AAV048080ACJA 330AAV048100ACJA 58TUA060F13108 58DXT08012116 330AAV048120ACJA 58TUA060F13112 58DXT10012120 330AAV060100ACJA 58TUA080F13114 58DXT06013112 330AAV060120ACJA 58TUA080F13116 58DXT08013116 330AAV060135ACJA 58TUA100F13112 58DXT10013120 58TUA100F13116 330AAV024060FDJA 58TUA100F13120 330AAV036040FDJA 330AAV036060FDJA 58TUA120F13116 330AAV036100FDJA 58TUA120F13120 330AAV042080FDJA 58TUA135F13120 330AAV048080FDJA 58UHV06010012 330AAV048100FDJA 58UHV08010016 330AAV048120FDJA 58UHV10010020 330AAV060100FDJA 58UHV12010020 330AAV060120FDJA 58UHV06011112 330AAV060135FDJA 58UHV08011116 330JAV036060AAJA 58UHV10011120 330JAV048080AAJA 58UHV12011120 330JAV048100AAJA 58UHV06012112 330JAV060100AAJA 58UHV08012116 330JAV060120AAJA 58UHV10012120 330JAV036060ABJA 58UHV12012120 330JAV048080ABJA 58UHV060F13112 330JAV048100ABJA 58UHV080F13116 58UHV100F13120 58UHV120F13120 58UXT06010012 58UXT08010016 58UXT10010016 58UXT10010020 58UXT12010020 58UXT06011112 58UXT08011116 58UXT10011116 58UXT10011120 58UXT12011120 58UXT06012112 58UXT08012116 58UXT10012116 330JAV060100ABJA 58UXT10012120 GB1AAV036065AEJA 58UXT12012120 330JAV060120ABJA 58UXT060F13112 330JAV036060ACJA 58UXT080F13116 330JAV048080ACJA 330JAV048100ACJA 58UXT100F13116 330JAV060100ACJA 58UXT100F13120 330JAV060120ACJA 58UXT120F13120 58UXV06010012 58UXV08010016 58UXV10010020 58UXV12010020 352MAV036060FAKA 58UXV06011112 352MAV036080FAKA 58UXV08011116 58TUA100-12