Electric Heating Sequencer 3 Main Switch.

Electric Heating Sequencer 3 Main Switch.
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Blower Motor Sequencer

On Time:18 seconds Off Time: 90 seconds.

This sequencer is a direct replacement unit for sequencing both fan and heat. This sequencer has a solid-state 24 volt heater between the “H-H” terminals and a variety of normally open contact sets. These contacts close and open within specified timings and are used to control the furnace fan and heating elements on demand from a room thermostat.


U.L. Ambient Rating:-20° to +165°F (-29° to +74°C)
Terminals:Dual 1/4" male quick-connect for combination AC Electrical Ratings: Main Switch - (Terminals designated “M”)
Maximum Load: 25A at 240 VAC
Combined Load: 22A non-inductive plus 4A inductive at 240 VAC or 20.8A non-inductive plus 5.2A inductive at 240 VAC

Replace Obsolete Sequencer Part Numbers:

024-17291-001 8201-180 51172-248 51172-24-1 15SH44309509 15SH41309509 14SH22-309105 NO204696 24A53-112 24A53-101 24A53-102 24A53-107 24A53-108 24A53-109 24A53-110 24A53-111 24A53-112 24A53-113 24A53-114 CARL36871 CAR24A53101