For all Brands of Gas Heating, Electric Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (3-Stage Heat 2- Stage Cool

For all Brands of Gas Heating, Electric Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps (3-Stage Heat  2- Stage Cool
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Manual - Conventional dial or lever style of mechanical thermostat. It doesn’t have many features.
Digital - This has a display screen and is often capable of a variety of useful functions.
Color taupe Indicates the shade of thermostat.
Auto Changeover Capacity yes This feature allows the thermostat to automatically switch from heating to cooling based on the temperature outside. Used in between seasons mainly.
Stages of Heat 3 Indicates the number of stages - or levels of heat- your furnace or air handler is capable of. Most furnaces are single stage.
Stages of Cool 2 Indicates the number of stages - or levels of cooling- your air conditioner is capable of. Most air conditioners are single stage.
Use with Gas/Oil yes Indicates that this thermostat can be used with either a gas furnace or oil furnace.
Use with Electric yes Indicates that this thermostat is compatible with electric furnaces.
Use with Heat Pump no Indicates that this thermostat is compatible with heat pumps.
Millivolt no A "2-wire Millivolt" system. These are usually gas-fired wall or floor heaters that do not have forced-air blowers.
In other words, they are convection heaters.
Programming Days 7 The capability of having your home temperature automatically change at different times throughout the day and week according to your schedule or preferences.
Power Method Hardwired Indicates if the thermostat operates electrically on batteries or power from the furnace/ air handler.
Memory Back-Up yes Having this feature will store your set temperature or temperature schedule . In the event of a power failure, you won't have to reprogram the thermostat when the power returns.
Resume / Adaptive Intelligent Recovery Capability yes Brings the room temperature back to the programmed temperature at the set time, even when you may have manually over-ridden the program in the interim which will maximize comfort and energy savings.
Backlit Display yes Allows easier viewing of disply screen in the dark.
Programmable Fan yes Allows for you to establish by schedule when you want your furnace/air handler fan to turn on and off automatically to circulate home air, even without your furnace or air conditioner operating.
Vacation Hold yes Allows you to program your thermostat to operate your heating/cooling system at a minimum when you leave on vacation (to save money), and then automatically return the temperature to a normal comfort setting just before you arrive home. Having this capability will mean that when you return, your house will be nice and comfortable.
Outdoor Temperature Sensor Capability yes When used with an outdoor air sensor, this features allows the thermostat to sense the outdoor temperature and indicate such on the screen. Also allows some thermostats to automatically decide whether to heat or cool the home based on outside temperatures.
Indoor Temperature Sensing Capability yes Some thermostats provide for wiring to an accessory called an indoor sensor. The indoor sensor mounts in the home living space away from the thermostat, and tells the thermostat what the temperature is in that area. The thermostat can then calculate when to turn on or off the heating and cooling equipment based on the average temperature of the home, instead of just the home temperature near the thermostat only which provides for more uniform home comfort.
Phone Accessible yes Allows you to raise, lower or monitor the temperature in your home remotely from a touch tone phone.
Filter Indication yes Reminds you that it's time to change your furnace or air handler filter.
Humidifier Panel Indication no Reminds you that it's time to change your humidifier pad, which is normally done so annually.
Ventilation Control/Independent Circuit Switching yes This feature allow a user to control from the thermostat any other electronic device such as an independent fan.
Humidity Control no Allows you to control your whole-house humidifier from your thermostat.
Manufacturer: WHITE RODGERS
Replaces Part Numbers: 1F95-371, CAR1F95371.