7-Day Programmable Heating & Cooling Thermostat ( 2-Stage Heating & Cooling) ENERGY STAR®

7-Day Programmable Heating & Cooling Thermostat ( 2-Stage Heating & Cooling) ENERGY STAR®
Code: THE9720I
Price: $188.79
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Thermostat Description:

Thermostat Type: Heat/Cool
Switching System: Cool/Off/Heat/Emergency Heat
Number of Cooling Stages: 2
Number of Heating Stages: 2
Switching Fan: Auto/On
Power Method: 24 Volts
Programs per Week: 5/1/1
Battery Included: No
Temperature Range: 45-90 Degrees Fahrenheit
Temperature Settings per Day: 2/4/6
Height: 3 3/4 Inches
Depth: 1 Inch
Width: 5 1/2 Inches

Option Indoor Thermostat Sensor, Order Part Number: THE9020i.

* IMPORTANT!!! - PLEASE NOTE: Option Outdoors Thermostat Sensor, Order Part Number: THE9025i.

Compatible with all standard 24 VAC heat pump systems, up to two stage heat and two stage cool
7-Day, 5-2, 5-1-1 or 24 hour Programming 2, 4 or 6 events per day
Worry-Free Memory Retention
Adjustable 1st and 2nd Stage Differential
ENERGY STAR® rated for energy savings
Indoor/Outdoor Sensor Capable

Manufacturer: INVENSYS

This New Upgraded Thermostat can be used to Replace these Part Numbers:

9720I 9720-I 9720-IA 9720 1F95-377 CAR3PB58 913386 9720 1F92W-71 013763 1F94-371 THT2217 T7350B1002 T7300F2010 HP15EF HP2001 HT233D4 5770002 5770224 35P6701 1C116 P374-1100 P474-1100 P274-1200 1F92-71 1F92W-71 1F94-371 THT-1288 F145-1169 P374-2300 1F95-371 THT-2217 141-597 1F94-371 P274-0200 P274-0200C P374-1000 THT-1201 300-642 THT-1900 1F94-1 THT-1638 1F94-71 1F94-371 THT-1902 C218-74 P273-2321 P273-2322 300-642 THT-1640 THT-1689 525-38437-000 3L078 4E949 913763 4E663 1RC50 9715I 3PB58 T7350B1002 T7300F2010 T841A1001 Y594R1615 Y594G1252 T8611G1004 HP2001 HT223D4 5770002 5770224 T8611M7008 Y594G1419 TSTATCCNHP01 TSTATBBNHP01 TSTATBBPS101 I100S T7200B1004 88E5001 35P6701 T7350B1002 T7200E2005 T7300A1005 9701I 97151I T8611G1004 1C116 T8611G1103 T8611G2002 T8611G2028 40P8901 913375 913419 T8611M7008 10P0101 T8611M7040 T8611M7057 T7300E2020 Q7300C2053 Q7300C2020 T8611R1000 4E189 3AAT830 34410 1C115 T8611R1141 T8611G2028 Y594G1252 521387 1149721 P3741100 P4741100 P2741200 1F9271 1F92W71 1F94371 THT1288 F1451169 P3742300 1F95371 THT2217 141597 1F94371 P2740200 P2740200C P3741000 THT1201 300642 THT1900 1F941 THT1638 1F9471 1F94371 THT1902 C21874 P2732321 P2732322 300642 THT1640 THT1689 52538437000 CARL38250 CAR9720I..