Proportional Temperature Control W/O SENSOR

Proportional Temperature Control W/O SENSOR
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System 350TM A350P Electronic Proportional Plus Integral Temperature Control

The A350P is an electronic, proportional plus integral temperature control with analog 0 to 10 VDC and 0 to 20 mA outputs. The control is equipped with three user-selectable time integration constants and an adjustable throttling range of 2 to 30F° (1 to 17C°). Two models cover a setpoint range of -30 to 130°F (-35 to 55°C) and 90 to 250°F (32 to 121°C).

As are all System 350™ products, the A350P control is housed in a NEMA 1, high-impact plastic enclosure. The modular design provides easy, plug-together connections for quick installation and future expandability.

Features and Benefits
❑ Modular Design Enables stage, display, and power modules to be purchased and installed as needed
❑ Plug-Together Connectors and 35 mm DIN Rail Mounting Eliminates wiring between modules, which reduces installation costs
❑ Two Models Cover a Wide Setpoint Range of -30 to 250°F (-35 to 121°C) - Reduces inventory by encompassing temperature ranges required to support the majority of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) applications
❑ Minimum Output Adjustable from 0 to 60% Tailors the output to the requirements of the controlled device; can be used to set minimum valve or damper position
❑ Adjustable Throttling Range of 2 to 30F° (1 to 17C°) Enables the user to tune the system for optimum stable performance
❑ Field-selectable Reverse or Direct Acting Mode Works in heating or cooling applications
❑ Three User-Selectable Integration Time Constants Provides selection of the integration constant for applications requiring proportional plus integral control
❑ Interchangeable Temperature Sensors Increase versatility and serviceability System 350TM A350P Electronic Proportional Plus Integral Temperature Control

The A350P Temperature Control can be used as a standalone device or in conjunction with plug-together accessory modules. The addition of S350 Stage Modules allows for the control of multiple stage HVAC/R applications.

Typical application for the A350P includes:
• proportional heating control with staged direct expansion cooling
• simple temperature control for air handling units
• modulating damper actuators for mixed air control
• simple proportional mixed air control

A typical System 350 Temperature Control setup includes the following:
• A350P Temperature Control
• A99B Series Temperature Sensor
• Y350R Power Module (or 24 VAC Class 2 transformer)
• S350 Stage Modules
• D350 Digital Temperature Display Module Operation

The A350P control operates on 24 VAC/VDC and provides two simultaneous analog outputs: 0 to 10 VDC and 0 to 20 mA. A cover-mounted, 10-segment Light-Emitting Diode (LED) bar graph indicates percentage of output.

Features include:
• adjustable setpoint
• adjustable minimum output
• adjustable throttling range (proportional band)
• selectable integration time constant
• selectable Reverse Acting (RA) or Direct Acting (DA) mode of operation

IMPORTANT: All System 350 controls are designed for use only as
operating controls. Where an operating control failure would
result in personal injury and/or loss of property, it is the
responsibility of the installer to add devices (safety, limit controls)
or systems (alarm, supervisory systems) that protect against, or
warn of, control failure.

Replaces Part Numbers: A350PT-1, CARA350PT-1