Water Heater Gas Valve 1/2” Gas Pipe Inlet Shank Length 2-3/8” Natural Gas (Robertshaw)

Water Heater Gas Valve 1/2” Gas Pipe Inlet Shank Length 2-3/8” Natural Gas (Robertshaw)
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Robertshaw, Bradford White Water Heater Control Replacement.

The 110 Series Water Heater Thermostat Uni-Kit® and Commercial Water Heater Thermostat Uni-Kit® were designed for universal replacement applications.
All models feature built-in, non-cycling Energy Cut-Off (ECO) system to shut off all gas to the water heater in case of excessive water temperatures.
If an ECO has detected an over-temperature condition and has opened, the control will not function and a new replacement will be required.
All domestic and RV models have a 160°F temperature high stop. All commercial models have a 180°F temperature high stop.
All models have a 5-1/2" sensing element and vary by inlet and outlet size, shank length, regulator type and setting.
Thermocouple Replacement Water Heater Control
Gas Type Natural
Temperature Range 160 Degrees Fahrenheit
Capacity 45000 BtuH
Pressure Regulation Main Burner 4 Inches WC
Sensing Element 5 1/2 Inches
Shank Length:2-3/8"
Pilot Fixed

Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

6901706 66-138-336 66-136-308 66138336 3763U-128 R110RTP 33065-20 3773U-182 37C73U-197 37C73U-198 66-144-218 66-144-243 66-144-285 05-AC8-8651 66023 66201366023 222-41805-07 GSV110206A R110RT6P 66-176-368 110-206 66-144-218 R110RTSP R11ORTSP G664-32 222-41805-02 CAR110206..

Used in American Water Heaters:


Bradford White Models: DH1504T, DH1504E.

Used In Equipment Model Numbers:

21V40-7 GG49T06AVG01 GG40T06AVG01