1" Inlet 1" Outlet Commercial Furnace or Water Heater 24 Volt Gas Valve Intermittent Pilot, Direct S

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Robertshaw Uniline Commercial Electronic Ignition Gas Valve.

Used on Water Heaters and Large Furnaces

The 700 Series Gas Valve Uni-Kits® are designed for intermittent pilot, direct spark and hot surface applications. They incorporate a manual valve, pilot valve, and a main gas pressure regulator. Each Uni-Kit includes all the necessary parts and instructions needed to convert to direct spark or hot surface applications. These valves are designed for many residential and commercial applications such as central heating units, wall heaters, boilers and mobile home furnaces. They also have all the wiring connections, manual selector and adjustments easily accessible.

Gas Pipe Inlet Size: 1"
Gas Pipe Outlet Size:1"
Up to 720,000 BtuH
Natural Gas Only

Electrical 24 volt, 60 Hz
Ambient rating –40°F to 175°F / –40°C to 80°C
Capacity (maximum regulation)
1/2" x 3/4" straight through 300,000
3/4" x 3/4" straight through 350,000
1" x 1" 720,000
3/4" x 1" 530,000*
3/4" x 3/4" 450,000*
Pressure regulator setting see Ordering Data
Maximum inlet pressure 14" W.C. (1/2 PSI)

Replaces Gas Valve Part Numbers:

22-0144 220144 3200647 37787-01 3778701 37787-04 3778704 37787-05 3778705 511-044-286 511044286 511-044-287 511044287 51H2701 5N0-501 5N0501 5N0-501-502 5N0501502 5N6-501 5N6501 5N6-501-723 5N6501723 5N6-501-733 5N6501733 5N6-501-791 5N6501791 5N6-501-804 5N6501804 5N6-501-827 5N6501827 5N6-501-838 5N6501838 5N6-501-861 5N6501861 5N6-504 5N6504 5N6-504-838 5N6504838 5N7-501 5N7501 700-048 700048 5N8-501 5N8501 5N8-501-349 5N8501349 5N8-501-598 5N8501598 5N8-501-723 5N8501723 5N8-501-791 5N8501791 5N8-501-867 5N8501867 5N9-501 5N9501 5N9-501-567 5N9501567 5N9-501-791 5N9501791 5N9-501-804 5N9501804 5P1-501 5P1501 5P1-501-751 5P1501751 5P1-501-791 5P1501791 5P2-501 5P2501 5P2-501-733 5P2501733 5P2-501-791 5P2501791 5P5-501 5P5501 5P5-501-791 5P5501791 5P6-501 5P6501 5P6-501-791 5P6501791 5P8-501 5P8501 5P8-501-889 5P8501889 5R0-501 5R0501 5R0-501-5AA 5R05015AA 5R0-501-723 5R0501723 5R0-501-867 5R0501867 5R1-501 5R1501 5R1-501-577 5R1501577 5R1-501-723 5R1501723 5R2-501 5R2501 5R2-501-577 5R2501577 5R5-501 5R5501 5R5-501-930 5R5501930 5R8-501 5R8501 5R8-501-948 5R8501948 600973 600991 66201353103 700-C059 700C059 70000DERHC 700-057 700057 VAL-1923 VAL1923 VALO1923 VAL01923 VR844K5019 VR844K5027 10C116 10C117 10C442 10C443 720076 78450-2 784502 78450-6 784506 78450-7 784507 860192 AP08099N S01-105 S01105 7000DERHC-S7C 7000DERHC-S7B 7000DERHC-LP-S7C 5N2-501-5AS 5N25015AS 700-059 700-057 700057 U7010 1751-013 700059 DERHC-57C VR844M 5N9501804 7000DERHC-67C 7000DERHC CAR700059

Used in EQuipment Models:

LD20-275-2 LD202752 LD20-330-2 LD203302 LF20-275-2 LF202752 LF20-330-2 LF203302 BC300-892 BC300892 HW0300-902 HW0300902 HW300-932 HW300932 BTP540A920 BTP700A920

Slow opening feature for soft ignition, can be field removed.