7-5/8" Flange Design Water Heater Element 1500 High Watt Density

Code: WATETG1153
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Water Heater Element: 7-5/8" Flange Design Water Heater Element 1500 High Watt Density Electric Replacement Water Heater Element, Voltage Rating 120 Volts, Power Rating 1500 Watts, Style Bolt On, Insert Length 7 5/8 Inches, 60 hz, High Watt Density Model

Fits 80% of Flange Design


Volts 120
Watts 1500
Style Bolt-on
Insert Length (In.) 7 5/8
Element Type High Watt Density
Plating Zinc
Sheath Material Copper
Uses In Areas with Normal Water Hardness and Minimal Mineral Content
Includes Flat 2 1/2 inch square composition gasket and 1/2 inch thick round donut gasket
Fits All Tank Flanges with 4 Bolt Holes on 2 1/2 I


Disconnect power to the water heater

Disconnect the power to the water heater at the breaker box. The switch for the water heater is usually a double switch or gang switch.

IMPORTANT: If you are not certain you have turned off the breaker, DO NOT START THE PROJECT.

2. Locate burnout element with the power off, remove the cover from the heater by unscrewing the 2 top and 2 bottom screws.

Test each element for continuity by placing probes on each screw located at the top of the element (refer to Photo). If the light on the tester is seen, then the element is good. If no light is seen, the elements should be replaced.

3. Remove the element and replace with new one

Disconnect the wires from the elements by unscrewing the screws from top of the elements. Remove the element by using element-removing, Replace the element with the new one from the maintenance kit. Make sure that the new element is the same wattage as the one it replaces. Reverse the removal process to install the new element.

4. Inspect the water heater Purge the lines by running the hot water faucet until the water is free of air bubbles (1 minute). Check for leaks around the area where heating element was reattached to the unit. If tank starts to leaks, tighten element.

5. Finish the project Reconnect the electrical wires, Fasten the cover back on the water heater. Turn on the power at the breaker box. Check to make sure you get hot water at a faucet

Replaces Part Numbers: CARTG1153L, CARN87153