Condenser Pump-Ups Elevation Unit Lifts (6" Height)

Condenser Pump-Ups Elevation Unit Lifts (6
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ELIVATE HEAT PUMP AND CONDENSERS: Designed to allow maximum defrosting capability outdoors.Unit allows better condensate draining and helps prevent corrosion of the metal base .Easy to install and is made of corrosion-resistant plastic which absorbs vibration and noise.(Sold seperatly) Description: Elevation Unit, 6 Inches Height, Elevate Heat Pumps/Air Handling Units. ** For A/C Condensers and Heat Pumps all Brands. ** Keeps Unit Cleaner, Stops Bottom of Unit From Rusting Out. ** Allows For Easier Cleaning Under and Around Unit. ** Better Condensation Drainage. ** Made of Corrosion Resistant Plastic. ** Absorbs Vibration and Noise From Unit. Unit of Measure: 1 ( Sold Seperatly will need to order 4 per system) Replaces part number: 20072.