115 Volt 24 Volt 40 VA Fan Center Transformer Relay Controller (Honeywell)

115 Volt 24 Volt 40 VA Fan Center Transformer Relay Controller (Honeywell)
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40 VA Fan Center with SPDT switching action Relay Included


Provides low voltage control of line voltage fan motors and auxiliary circuits in heating, cooling, or air conditioning systems.


Transformer powers low voltage control systems and provides overload protection.
Low voltage terminal board provides convenient connections for thermostat and heating/cooling equipment wiring.
Mounts on standard 4 x 4 in. junction box.
Relay is easily replaced without disturbing wiring.

Product Specifications

Application For single-or two speed fan.
Voltage 120 Vac
Switching Action SPDT
Electrical Ratings (W) 11 W maximum
Electrical Ratings (120 Vac, Full Load) 12 A
Electrical Ratings (240 Vac, Full Load) 6 A
Electrical Ratings (120 Vac, Locked Rotor) 72 A
Electrical Ratings (240 Vac, Locked Rotor) 35 A
Power Supply (Vac) 40 VA
Power Supply (Secondary) 26.5 V
Horsepower 3/4 HP
Dimensions (in.) 4 3/16 in. high, 4 1/2 in. wide, 2 13/16 in. deep.
Dimensions (mm) 106 mm high, 114 mm wide, 71 mm deep
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc UL Component Recognized; File No. E4436, Vol.15, Sec.1, Guide No.XAPX2 Approvals, Canadian Standards Association Certified: File No. LR95329
Used in American Standard Trane Furnace Models:

TUD090A936A0 TUDO9OA936AO TUDO90A936AO TUP080A9248C TUP080A924B0 TUP080A924B0 TUP080A924BO TUD120A960A0 TUS080A936A0 TUS0808936A0 TUP080A948A1 TUPO80A948A1 TUP060A924A1 TUP060A924B0

Used in Air Conditioning and Heating Brands: Airquest, Arcoair, Clare, Comfortmaker, Heil, Kenmore, Tempstar, Snyder General, Intercity Products, Whirlpool and many other brands.

Used in ICP Equipment Models:

867.768070 867.768071 867.768080 867.768081 867.768090 867.768091 GU150AF7R GU150AG7CR HUGA150BK01 HUGA150CH01 HUGB055AD01 HUGB080AF01 HUGB105AG01 HUGB130AG01 HUGB150BK01 HUGB175BK01 HUGC055CD01 HUGC080CF01 HUGC105CG01 HUGC130CG01 HUGC150CK01 HUGC175CK01 HUGD080CF01 HUGD105CG01 HUGD130CH01 HUGD150CK01 HUGD175CK01 HUGE060AG03 HUGE080AG01 HUGE080BG03 HUGE105AG01 HUGE105BG03 HUGE125AH01 HUGE125AK01 HUGE125BH01 HUGE125BH03 HUGF055AD01 HUGF060AG01 HUGF080AF01 HUGF105AH01 HUGF130AH01 NDGB075CF01 NDGB075CF02 NDGB105AF01 NDGB105CF01 NDGB105CF02 NDGB105CF03 NDGB135AH01 NDGB135CH01 NDGB135CH02 NDGB135CH03 NDGB175CK01 NDGB175CK02 NDGC075CF01 NDGC080BF01 NDGC105CF01 NDGC135CH01 NDGC175CK01 NDGD105CF01 NDGD135CH01 NDGE075AF01 NDGE075AF02 NDGE075CF01 NDGE075LF01 NDGE075NF01 NDGE075NF02 NDGE105AF01 NDGE105AF02 NDGE105AF03 NDGE105CF01 NDGE105LF01 NDGE105NF01 NDGE105NF02 NDGE125LH01 NDGE125NH01 NDGE125NH02 NDGE135AH01 NDGE135AH02 NDGE135AH03 NDGE135CH01 NDGF060CH01 NDGF075CF01 NDGF075CF02 NDGF105CF01 NDGF105CF02 NDGF105CF03 NDLC105CE01 NHGA060CF01 NHGA060CF02 NHGA060MF01 NHGA060MF02 NHGA080CF01 NHGA080CF02 NHGA080MF01 NHGA080MF02 NHGA100AH01 NHGA100LH01 NHGA100LH02 NHGA100LH03 NHGA100MH01 NHGA100MH02 NHGA120AH01 NHGA120LH01 NHGA120LH02 NHGA120LH03 NHGA120LK01 NHGA120LK02 NHGA120LK03 NHGA120MH01 NHGA120MH02 NHGA120MK01 NHGA120MK02 NHGA150AK01 NHGA150CK01 NHGA150CK02 NHGA150MK01 NHGA150MK02 NHGB080AF01 NHGB100AH01 NHGB120AK01 NHGB150AK01 NHGC080AF01 NHGC080BF01 NHGC080BF02 NHGC080CF01 NHGC100CH01 NHGC100LH01 NHGC100LH02 NHGC100LH03 NHGC120AH01 NHGC120AK01 NHGC120CH01 NHGC120LH01 NHGC120LH02 NHGC120LH03 NHGC120LK01 NHGC120LK02 NHGC120LK03 NHGC150BK01 NHGC150BK02 NHGC150CK01 NHGD100CH01 NHGD120CK01 NHGD140AK01 NHGD150CK01 NHGD160AK01 NHLC080CF01 NHLD150CK01 NLGB150CH01 NLGB150CH02 NLGB150CH03 NLGB175LK01 NLGB175LK02 NLGB175LK03 NLGB210CK01 NLGB210CK02 NLGB210CK03 NLGD150BH01 NLGD175BK01 NLGD210BK01 NUGA040AD01 NUGA047AG01 NUGA047AG02 NUGA060AG01 NUGA060AG02 NUGA075AG01 NUGA075AG02 NUGA100AH01 NUGA100AH02 NUGA125AK01 NUGA125AK02 NUGB050AD01 NUGB050AD02 NUGB050AD03 NUGB075AF01 NUGB100AG01 NUGB125AG01 NUGB150EK01 NUGB150EK02 NUGB175LK01 NUGB175LK02 NUGC040AD01 NUGC050AD01 NUGC075AD01 NUGC075AF01 NUGC075AF02 NUGC075AG01 NUGC075AG02 NUGC080CD01 NUGC080CG01 NUGC100AF01 NUGC100AF02 NUGC100AH01 NUGC100AH02 NUGC105CF01 NUGC105CH01 NUGC125AF01 NUGC125AH01 NUGC125AH02 NUGC125AK01 NUGC125AK02 NUGC130CF01 NUGC150CH01 NUGC150EH01 NUGC150EK01 NUGC150EK02 NUGD075AD01 NUGD075AF01 NUGD075AF02 NUGD100AG01 NUGD100AG02 NUGD125AF01 NUGD125AG01 NUGD125AG02 NUGD130CF01 NUGD150EH01 NUGD150EK01 NUGD175LK01 NUGD175LK02 NUGE060KG02 NUGE080KG02 NUGE105KG02 NUGE125KH02 NUGF040AD01 NUGF047AG01 NUGF050AD01 NUGF050AD02 NUGF050AD03 NUGF060AG01 NUGF075AF01 NUGF075AF02 NUGF075AF03 NUGF075AG01 NUGF080AG01 NUGF100AF01 NUGF100AF02 NUGF100AF03 NUGF100AH01 NUGF125AH01 NUGF125AH02 NUGF125AH03 NUGF125AK01 NUGF130AK01 NULE060AG02 NULE060DG02 NULE080BG02 NULE080DG02 NULE105BG02 NULE105DG02 NULE125BH02 NULE125DH02 VG105AE1R VG80LF1R WUGB055AD01 WUGB105AG01 WUGB130AG01 WUGC055CD01 WUGC080CF01 WUGC105CG01 WUGC130CG01 WUGC150CK01 WUGC175CK01 WUGD080CF01 WUGD105CG01 WUGD130CH01 WUGD150CK01 WUGD175CK01 WUGE080AG01 WUGE105AG01 WUGE125AH01 WUGF055AD01 WUGF060AG01 WUGF080AF01 WUGF105AH01

Replaces Obsolete Transformer Part Numbers:

R823B1001 700577 100915 608260 602080 601991 501939 97298 24048101 1680020 864312 3Z107 AT72J1009 TRR232 TRR0232 WG32X52 R8222B TRR0566 TRR0657 RLY1700 RLY01700 TRA8285A1063 175-872202-12 R8325A1008 R8285A1063 R8285A1006 CARR8285A1048

Used in Rheem Ruud Furnace Models: