1/4 HP 1-Speed 1050 to 1100 RPM Condenser Fan Motor 208-230 Volts 1-Phase (Universal Motor fits Mos

1/4 HP 1-Speed 1050 to 1100 RPM Condenser Fan Motor  208-230 Volts 1-Phase (Universal Motor fits Mos
Code: MOT39GE233
Price: $199.86
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New Upgraded 230 Volt Condenser Motor Upgraded Replacement:

This New Condenser Motor replaces some older model units: 1/10 H.P. and 1/8 H.P. Motors in many brands makes and models

The New 1/4 H.P. Condenser Motor will last longer and not over heat on a hot day


Motor H.P.:1/4
OEM Replacement:Yes
Permanent Split Capacitor:Yes
Totally Enclosed Air Over Motor
Motor RPM Fan Blade On: 1050
Motor RPM Fan Blade Off: 1100
Number of Speeds: 1
Voltage: 208-230
NEMA Frame: 48YZ
Body Diameter 5-5/8 Inch
Service Factor 1.00
Frequency 60 Hz
Mounting Style:Studs in back of Motor or Belly Bracket Mounting.
Bearings: Sleeve
Thermal Protection:Yes Automatic.
Shaft Dimensions: 1/2"

In some older model A/C units the shaft on the old motor may be shorter than the shaft on the new replacement motor. The new replacement motor shaft is designed be cut to the correct length ONLY if the length of the shaft would be in the way of installation in most cases the length of the shaft will be fine

Full Load Amps: 0.80-0.80
Rotation: CCW
Capacitor Required:Yes


PLEASE NOTE: All PSC Motors are design to be used with an external capacitor. The Capacitor operates in the Motor Circuit continuously. It is commonly referred to as a run capacitor. The Run Capacitor is designed to keep a constant and even flow of power going to the Motor. The Run Capacitor is sold separately. * Order New Run Capacitor Part Number: 5MRCP

Replaces Condenser Motor Part Numbers:

76C9401 76C94 90A4801 90A48 K55DLA-366 K55DLA366 1468-215P/B 1468-2109 HE3R269N HQ1090566UN 5KCP29JCA053B5 024-23204-000 024-23204C F48SJ6L23A1C 7136A3219 51-19705-01 51-40353-01 8101-5572 8101-191 8101-5580 F48G46A48 15C75 15C7501 51-24437-28 512443728 K55HXMFS6359 51-40353-01 KA55HXJP-8852 7126-1667 4435,4441 1468-215P-B 5KCP39EGR132S K48HXFCM3726 5KCP29FC A283AS 5KCP29FCA283AS 621918 621864 621919 5KCP39EGT788F CARS88093 51-23054-14 HC39GE233 R256F HC39VL208 51-23054-11 1468-215/B CARS88501 CARD909 CAR6JF84.

Used in Trane Air Conditioning Models:

TTB030C100A2 XE1000 Models

Used in Lennox Air Conditioning Models:

HS14-651V-6P HS14651V6P HS23-651-1P HS236511P HS23-650-1P HS236501P HS26-060

Used in Air Conditioning Brands: Arcoair, Comfortmaker, Heil, Tempstar, Synder General, Intercity Products

CA2036QKA1 CA2036QKB1 CA2036VKA1 CA2036VKB1 CA2042VKA1 CA2042VKB1 CA4042VKA1 CA4042VKB1

Used in Coleman York, Fraser Johnston Air Conditioning Models:

2424-601 E1FB030S06A HBSE-F030SA HIDB036S06A BPCH0421BA BPCH024 BPCH030 BPCH036 BPCH042 BPHH024 BPHH030 BPHH036 BPHH0042 CPCP030 DPHH024 DPHH030 DPHH036 DPHH042.

Used in Rheem, Ruud Air Conditioning Models:


Used in Equipment Models:


Used in Armstrong Lennox Air Conditioning Models:

HP19-651-5P HP193113P.

Used In Carrier, Bryant, Payne 300 Air Conditioning Models:

48SB048080501 48SB048096301 48SB048096501 48TJF004300 48TJF004500 48TJF005300 48TJF005500 48TJF006300 48TJF006500 584BNW036060AAAF 584BNW036080AAAF 584BNW036096AAAG 584BNW036120AAAG 584BNW042060AAAF 584BNW042080AAAF 584BNW042096AAAG 584BNW042120AAAG 584BNW048080AAAG 584BNW048096AAAG 584BPW036060AAAF 584BPW036080AAAF 584BPW036096AAAG 584BPW036120AAAG 584BPW042060AAAF 584BPW042080AAAF 584BPW042096AAAG 654ANX036000AAAF 654ANX042000AAAF 584BPW042120AAAG 654APX036000AAAF 584BPW048080AAAG 654APX042000AAAF 584BPW048096AAAG 558DBX060000AA 654ANX036000ABAF 654ANX042000ABAF 654APX036000ABAF 654APX042000ABAF 558DJX036000AA 558DJX048000AA 558DJX060000AA 558DPX036000AA 558DPX048000AA 558DPX060000AA 580ANW042100AAAG 580DBV060074AA 580ANW042100GAAG 654BNX036000AAAF 580ANW042120AAAG 580DBV060115AA 580ANW042120GAAG 654BNX042000AAAF 580DBV060150AA 48NVT036310BE 654BPX036000AAAF 48NVT036320BE 654BPX042000AAAF 48NVT036500BE 48NVT036510BE 48NVT036520BE 48NVT042300BE 48NVT042310BE 48NVT042320BE 48NVT042500BE 580APW036100AAAG 48NVT042510BE 580APW036100GAAG 48NVT042520BE 580APW036120AAAG 580APW036120GAAG 50NE036300 50NE036500 50NE042300 50NE042500 580APW042100AAAG 580DJV036074AA 584ANW036100ABAG 580APW042100GAAG 584ANW036100ACAG 580APW042120AAAG 580DJV036115AA 580APW042120GAAG 584ANW036120ABAG 580DJV048074AA 584ANW036120ACAG 48SB-042060301 48SB042060301 580DJV048115AA 580DJV048150AA 580DJV060074AA 580DJV060115AA 580DJV060150AA 584ANW042100AAAG 584ANW042100ABAG 580DPV036074AA 584ANW042100ACAG 584ANW042120AAAG 580DPV036115AA 584ANW042120ABAG 584ANW042120ACAG 580DPV048074AA 580DPV048115AA 580DPV048150AA 580DPV060074AA 580DPV060115AA 48TJD005300 580DPV060150AA 48TJD005500 50TJ004300 48TJD006300 50TJ004500 48TJD006500 48NHT036310BE 50TJ005300 50TJ005500 48NHT036320BE 584APW036100AAAG 48NHT036500BE 584APW036100ABAG 584APW036100ACAG 48NHT036510BE 584APW036120AAAG 584APW036120ABAG 48NHT036520BE 50TJ006300 584APW036120ACAG 48TJE004300 50NQ036301 50TJ006500 48TJE004500 50NQ036311 50NQ036501 50NQ036511 48NHT042300BE 48SB036060301 48SB036060501 50NQ042301 48NHT042310BE 50NQ042311 48SB036080301 50NQ042321 48NHT042320BE 584APW042100AAAG 48SB036080501 48TJE005300 50NQ042501 584APW042100ABAG 48NHT042500BE 50NQ042511 584APW042100ACAG 48SB036096301 48TJE005500 584APW042120AAAG 48NHT042510BE 48SB036096501 584APW042120ABAG 48NHT042520BE 48SB036120301 584APW042120ACAG 48SB036120501 48SB042060301 48SB042060501 48TJE006300 48SB042080301 48TJE006500 48SB042080501 48SB042096301 48SB042096501 48SB042120301 48SB042120501 48SB048080301 BPCH0301BA 38CE004400 38GS014200 38GS018200 38CQ039400 38GS018240 38CQ039410 38GS018300 38CQ039440 38GS018340 38CQ039500 38GS018360 38CQ039510 38CQ039540 38GS024200 38GS024300 38CQ044400 38CQ044410 38CQ044440 38CQ044500 38GS030200 38CQ044510 38CQ044540 38GS036200 38GS036210 38GS036230 38GS036300 38GS036310 38GS036330 38GS036350 38GS042200 38GS042210 38GS042300 38GS042310