30"x 14" Heavy Duty Bar Return Air Filter Grille Up To 50 % More Air Intake. ( White)

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Return Air Bar Style Filter Grille

30" x 14" Deluxe Bar Style Return Air Grille will cut down on air noise by as much as 50%, and will allow up to 50% more air flow into your heating and or air conditioning system with less grille restriction.

Return Air Filter Grille Description

· Color (Bright White)
· 45° fixed blade core for sight proof appearance
· Heavy roll-formed steel, aluminum, or extruded aluminum construction
· RAHD features extra heavy duty extruded aluminum construction, curved blade louvers for sight proof appearance, with blades assembled to frame with #8 galvanized screws.
· Cube Core models feature all aluminum construction with frames made of heavy extruded aluminum.
· RAF (filter return) filter may be removed from the face without the use of tools.
· RAF grilles designed for 1” disposable filters in standard sizes. (Filter not Included)
· RAF grilles designed for washable 1” filter medium.
· Surface mount, tee-bar or lay-in, and tee-bar panel frames.
· Durable powder coat paint finish

To locate your Size

Type in our Product Search Window “RET” Then your grille size for example “RET25X20” or “RET25” this will bring up all sizes listed under “25” if you can not located the correct size please call or email us we have the largest supply of Return Air Grilles on the internet. All sizes are not listed on the web.


The Correct way to Order your new Return Air Grille is by measuring the hole size.

Measure the Holes Width and Height. If you’re Return Air Hole Size is 25" wide by 20" tall, you will need to order a Return Air Grille 25x20.
The Overall Return Air Grills Size is 1-3/4" W x 1-3/4" L to hide any old paint marks on the wall.

* Frequently Asked Questions *

What is "Free Area"? · Free area is the total minimum area of the openings in the supply outlet or return inlet (usually in square inches) through which air can pass. · Also known as the "see-through area". (See also "effective area"). · What is "Effective Area”? · Effective area is the net area (in square feet) of a grille utilized by the area stream in passing through the face openings. It is used the equation: CFM= Face Velocity X Effective Area. This is the basis for most engineering data.